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While You Were Out: This Week’s Top News

For any of you who were too busy celebrating the Red Sox World Series victory or dressing up in super awesome costumes for Halloween, you may have missed some things that have happened in the news this week. No worries though! Her Campus BC is here to fill you in!


Shooting at LAX

On November 1, 2013, at Los Angeles International Airport, Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, was the cause of much panic as shots rang out.  Ciancia took out his gun and shot 39-year-old TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez at point blank range.  Ciancia then exited the scene and people fled for safety before he returned to shoot Hernandez again, as well as other innocent victims including multiple TSA officers. Airport security shot at Ciancia and Ciancia is still unresponsive at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.  Although Ciancia’s motives are still unknown, authorities found angry anti-government letters on him.  One such letter included his decision to use violence against TSA agents in order to “instill fear into their traitorous minds.” Notably, the Twitter universe was abuzz on Friday with countless complaints of LAX being shut down.  Despite the fear and inconveniences experienced in that airport, it is most important at this time to pay respect to the victims, including Hernandez who leaves behind his wife one week before his 40th birthday.  Hernandez’s wife described the man as a “wonderful husband, father, brother, son and friend.”

Germany Legalizes Third Sex on Birth Certificate

For many parents, their baby’s gender is filled out on the birth certificate by a nurse without a second thought, but for some, it is a life-changing and challenging decision to make.  Every year, babies across the globe are born intersex. Though the term intersex can be used to describe over a dozen physiological distinctions and genetic differences, it is defined by the Intersex Society of North America as a set of “conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male.” German legislation is providing a path for these families that might reduce some of the stress of making such a life-changing decision by allowing parents to opt out of assigning a gender at birth. Some German politicians think of this law as the first step to removing the social stigma from being intersex; still others are outraged. It raises the question, would it be better to be forced into a gender role you don’t identify with, or grow up feeling like you don’t even have a gender role?

Sixteen Year Old Gem Makes Me Want to Roar

Olivia Wise of Toronto, Canada, was diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous brain tumor nearly two years ago. This news seems like it would shatter most young girls, but not Olivia. This young hero has kept her, her caregivers’, and her families’ spirits high and inspired during her brave fight to the end. As she bravely faces her new reality, she continues to inspire us all by recording a cover to Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Hearing Olivia’s version of the usually upbeat song has given a new depth and meaning to the pop anthem. Olivia went into the studio unable to walk or control her breath, and fought through that to deliver a soft but powerfully vulnerable recording of the song. Olivia is facing such immeasurable strife, but still she keeps singing. It reminds me that sometimes the strongest heroes have the softest roars.


City of Brotherly Love

When Hannah Price moved from Colorado to Philadelphia to pursue photography, she discovered one of the many quirks of female urban living, catcalling. We have probably all experienced it at some point, that moment when you suddenly realize with concern that you are being watched. It elicits different reactions from different people, but Price’s reaction may be one of the most unique. She began reacting to catcalls by turning the tables and photographing the men. Price’s photos are not rushed or forced but rather posed portraits that portray the subjects in an aesthetically pleasing way. She is not trying to punish the catcallers or teach them a lesson, but rather engage with them, perhaps as a way of learning more about the catcall phenomena. Her photos are unexpected and somewhat vulnerable, as she asserts a position with more power than her catcallers and reverses the norm.

Man Shot in Chest, Saved by Smartphone

In Winter Garden, Florida, a gas station attendant’s HTC smartphone is cause for celebration. On October 25, a man came into a Hess gas station convenience store and requested a soft drink from the clerk. The man then pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded he open the safe. While the clerk struggled to open the safe another gas station attendant entered the store and the man pointing the gun demanded he assist the clerk in opening the safe. When neither was able to open the safe, the perpetrator fired the gun at the clerk while exiting. The police were called and the clerk complained of chest pain. Upon further examination it was found that the HTC smartphone in the clerk’s pocket had stopped the bullet from penetrating his chest. The clerk was brought to the hospital and was found to have no serious injuries. Among the many remaining questions is will this damage be covered under warranty?











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