When Should Christmas Music Start? Part One

There is always a debate about when Christmas music should start playing. Some people say right after Halloween, while others argue that after Thanksgiving is the appropriate time. We have two opinions, one for each argument, to let you decide.


After Thanksgiving!


Personally, I think that playing Christmas music right after Halloween is way too soon! You walk around hearing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You as you stare at a skeleton that hasn’t been taken down yet. How can you immediately go from one night enjoying everything scary, to the next day enjoying the comforts of Christmas? It doesn’t really make sense to me.

I also think that by beginning Christmas music so early in November, you extend the Christmas season too long, and it becomes just a little bit less special. I think the official start of Christmas season is the day after Thanksgiving because it’s the perfect amount of time to really appreciate Christmas. If you have too much time, like two whole months, then some of the magic is gone. Plus, by listening to Christmas music immediately after Halloween, you miss out on the excitement of Thanksgiving. I know Thanksgiving isn’t as festive as Christmas, but it’s still fun to get excited about.


In conclusion, the best time to start playing Christmas music, or even showing Christmas advertisements, is the day after Thanksgiving when all other holidays of the year have passed, and you can focus your whole attention on the Christmas season.