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What Your Backpack Says About You


As much as everyone seems to look the same at BC, there is one thing that sets the students on campus apart from each other: their backpacks.  Though I’m no professional, it seems to me that you can tell a lot about a person by his/her backpack.  And so, below is my psychoanalysis of the different kinds of backpacks on campus and their owners.


The Newton Freshman Backpack

You have no time to take a “quick trip” back to your dorm room before your next class, making you all too easy to identify on campus.  Simply put, your backpack is a bottomless pit of books.  You can hardly stand up straight, let alone walk straight, and it really beats me how you can manage to sprint for the bus when TransLoc reads the dreaded “<1 minute” until it arrives.  So, try to take a load off your back Newtonite.  I wish I could tell you how to do so, but for now all I can suggest is skinnier notebooks.


The Classic Jester NorthFace Backpack

You are the epitome of a BC student.  And if you just so happened to choose black as your color of choice for this backpack, you are REALLY trying to fit in.  As critical as I am being, I too, am guilty of owning the Jester NorthFace.  In both my defense and the defense of all you people out there who have also fallen into the NorthFace backpack trap, these backpacks are awesome (and they have a lifetime warranty; don’t you just love NorthFace?!).  If you’re thinking about choosing the Classic Jester, pick a fun color to spruce it up a little!


The Hipster Backpack

I’m not exactly sure what to call that cute, trendy tweed woven thing that you’re sporting on your back, but it’s holding books and I guess that’s all that matters?  You are clearly the opposite of the Jester Backpack owner, and blending in is most definitely not your thing.  It’s cool, I respect that, especially on a campus where almost everyone seems to be afraid to stand out.


The Longchamp

You feel too mature for a backpack, yet still have too many books for a purse.  Though you would never admit this, you probably even feel like the look of a backpack totally ruins your outfit, and so it seems the beloved Longchamp is the perfect choice for you.  To make it even better, no matter what color Longchamp you own it just so happens to go with absolutely everything you try on.  So what if it means sacrificing a couple of textbooks and maybe even a homework assignment?  At least you look good while doing it!


The Purse

We get it; you’re a second semester senior.  No need to rub it in the faces of all of us who have what seems like countless grueling semesters ahead of us.  As hard as I try to be happy for you, you don’t make it easy.  At least you brought a purse (unlike the ones that are just walking around with a notebook in hand and a pen behind their ears).



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