Websites That You Used Religiously in High School but Never Think About Now

Searching the web is a dominant part of the world we live in. Each age group seems to have their own set of “go to” websites, and each year they tend to change. While I was on the Internet, I started to think of the websites I religiously used during junior and senior year in high school, and thinking back on it, I don’t think I have been on any of them since.

1. Parent Portal, Infinite Campus, Canvas

Not having one universal name, websites that allowed you to check your grades at any point in the day, any day, and an embarrassingly amount of times in one day, were always a popular hit. Whether you wanted to see if your teacher graded the test you took two hours ago or wanted to check your past grades to calculate what you needed on the final to get an A, these websites could always be found in my history. I always wanted to know what my grades were and what I needed to get to have a certain overall grade. Now, in college, professors, at least the ones I have, have not updated any of my test grades, presumably leaving me to not know my grades until the last day of the semester.

2. College Confidential

As a junior in high school, you probably had a good idea of what schools you were interested in and which ones you were going to apply to. Senior year was the year in which you actually applied and decided on what school you would attend. However, the waiting process was extremely long. In the mean time, if you had any questions about college life in general, college confidential was always a good option. Coming from undergraduate students themselves (and sometimes the occasional parent of an undergraduate student), prospective students were given the chance to hear truthful opinions about the schools they were interested in. In the waiting time, it was probably common to look on previous threads of your top school and compare your stats to the kids that were accepted and denied in the past. It is highly possible that you spent hours into the early morning trying to determine if you would be accepted into your dream school. This could either have made you extremely confident or extremely paranoid.

3. College Board

Everyone always complains about College Board, especially when they force you to wake up early on a Saturday: one of the only two days you get to sleep in. While not visited as much as the other two, it is definitely a website that I have not been on since I received my last SAT or AP scores. However, when you got the email that notified you that your scores were in, you would drop anything that you were doing, to see the scores that would decide your fate. They could easily ruin your day if it wasn’t as good as you hoped for.

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