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Wearing Your Guy’s Clothes

Key to wearing guy’s clothing? Follow the age old rule of balance. From my experience, most of my boyfriend’s clothes are big, so I pair them with something tighter. While his comfy sweatpants are good for chilling in the dorm, here are some things that can be cute and comfy for wearing to class. Convincing your guy to give up the sweater is the hard part, dressing with it doesn’t have to be. (Disclaimer: I am not planning on pursuing a modeling career. I’m 5’2.)


First, a sweatshirt. For days when I don’t feel like dressing up, nothing is more comfortable than a big sweatshirt. In an effort to look semi-presentable, I pair this oversized sweatshirt with leggings and tall boots.


Second, a plain white tee. Again, it’s oversized, so I paired it with a leather jacket and tucked it into a circle skirt.


Third, graphic tee. Possibly my favorite article of clothing “stolen” from my boyfriend. Some jeans, a chambray shirt, and boots can make this less of a “night after” look.


Fourth, a quarter zip pullover. Super comfortable and I paired it with leggings and boot for a fun look.


And finally, flannels. Confession I bought this for myself from the men’s store, and I wear it all the time.


The key to wearing a guy’s clothing is balance. While the clothes are generally comfy (isn’t that why we “borrow” them indefinitely?), wearing them doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or your figure.

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