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Are you looking for a feminine care product that does the job while also helping the planet? We have the perfect product for you! Viv for your V targets both of these issues. Viv works to have a strong presence in the menstrual care community as an earth-friendly brand working to break stigmas. 


Viv is superior to other eco-friendly feminine care products because most of those products still contain plastic and hazardous ingredients, such as dioxins and pesticide residue, that are harmful to women’s health. Viv products are plastic-free, 95% biodegradable, and toxin-free. Get this, with every Viv box purchased over traditional period care products, you can save the equivalent to 634 lbs of CO2, 607 gallons of water, and 9 oz of plastic. Also, an average pad can take up to 800 years to break down, but Viv products only take 150 days! We know what you’re thinking, how is this even possible? Well, Viv pads and liners are made with bamboo fiber! Yes, you heard it right, BAMBOO! Bamboo is an eco-friendly crop because it uses less water and land than cotton. This material is also more absorbent and breathable than cotton which is why it is the perfect core material for period care. Viv not only carries liners and pads, but if you’re looking for a zero-waste option they also carry menstrual cups. 


What’s even better is that CEO Katie Diasti made sure she focused on the price point for her products. Viv’s earth-friendly and toxin-free materials are priced at an affordable cost. The Viv bamboo panty liners cost $6.00 for a fourteen count, the Viv Bamboo Pads cost $8.00 for a twelve count, and the Viv menstrual cup costs $16.00. Pretty good right? Creating an eco-friendly product that is attainable to all budgets is a huge priority to Viv as they continue to scale. There continues to remain a lack of access to period care around the world but at Viv, they partner with government organizations and communities in order to give back to the menstruating community. 


This product sounds too good to be true right? Well, it only gets better. Viv is also dedicated to breaking down stigmas that are centered around periods. COO Izzy Sarrafzadeh says, “We emphasize the importance of using the all-inclusive spelling of  ‘womxn’ and the term ‘menstruators’ when we talk about periods. We highlight that not everyone who has a period is a woman and not every woman is a menstruator. The company takes pride in having conversations, answering questions, and bringing up topics that other feminine care products ignore”.


Viv is young, powerful, and is only growing! Viv’s team is made up of 23-year-old team members. They use this to their advantage because it allows them to relate to their direct target audience. With open minds, the team is constantly finding new ways to grow alongside the brand. To them, womxn empowerment comes from standing in this gap which didn’t exist until they created it. “We are learning along the way how to create a strong voice for Viv. We often think of Viv as another member of our community. She is someone we look for when we need advice and encouragement. She is vibrant, bold, has no fear, and will speak up for others. Just as Viv does for us, we want Viv to be a confidence boost for all bleeders.” says Diasti. 

Visit their website at vivforyourv.com to order yours today! Viv ships everywhere, even right to your doorstep, which is perfect during the era of COVID-19 if you are looking to limit your exposure. They also offer a subscription so you will never have to worry about running out of the product. However, if you are in the Boston area, Viv can be found at pop-up shops and open markets. 


Q&A with CEO Katie Diasti

Katie Diasti is the Founder and CEO of Viv. She is a 23-year-old entrepreneur & BC ‘19 alumni who grew up in Tampa, Florida with a big Egyptian-American family. She studied Marketing at the Carroll School of Management and minored in Managing Social Impact. During her time on BC’s campus, she was co-president of RHA, taught tennis lessons, and volunteered at Rosie’s Place through Pulse and 4Boston. Katie’s experiences in marketing, creative strategy, and nonprofit work have shaped her to build this mission brand. When Katie is not busy with Viv, you can find her playing or teaching tennis, boxing, listening to Lizzo, or enjoying an oat milk latte.


1. How did you come up with this idea?

Viv was born in a class project I was working on during my senior year at Boston College and truly never stopped. I was studying how brands were becoming the voice of people when more individuals were lacking trust in the government, and I knew I wanted to create a brand that represented those less heard, especially women. Viv is here to truly innovate while building a brand unlike any other in the period care space. 


2. When did you know you had a viable concept that people would buy? 

As a young entrepreneur, it’s normal to feel doubt in yourself and your idea. A big difference was I conducted tons of interviews, surveys, and focus groups before even fully building viv to ensure I was building something people wanted. Later on, just 3 weeks after launching preorders in October 2019, we had sold 700 boxes and I realized I was on to something.


3. What was the biggest obstacle you faced as you were developing your product in school? 

The biggest hurdle was the mental block I created for myself. The act of actually building a company, starting the website, and diving into the work of an entrepreneur was really daunting. I wasn’t sure if I was “ready” to begin viv. Once I overcame that hurdle, I was so much more productive in growing what viv is today. 


4. What is one take away or piece of advice you would give a college student who wants to start their own company? 

Simply just start and utilize all that your university has to offer! I spent Thursday nights in workshops with the entrepreneurship center, time slots I had originally blocked for lunch in my schedule were used to talk to science professors about new sustainable fibers (as a business student that was way out of my comfort zone!, and I reached out to past marketing research professors to review my surveys. The community around you in your university is so excited to help you grow and succeed, you simply need to reach out and ask for that assistance. 


5. How did you juggle school work and actual work at the same time? 

I was often one to pack my calendar from the moment I woke up till about 10:30 pm at night during the week in college. I learned how to set blocks of time for myself for very specific tasks, but had to stay focused by trying to tackle one goal per week. Most importantly though, I learned quickly that you can’t pour from an empty cup so taking “me time” and knowing when to take breaks was something I valued and would even schedule into my day just like a class or meeting.


6. What are the goals for the future of your company?

I hope that Viv can expand to universities and be provided in bathrooms and fitness centers on campus for free. The mission is to provide greater access to students. 

Currently, Our goal is to build an educational brand that empowers all womxn to live healthier and more sustainable lives. We are dedicated to offering safe and eco-friendly menstrual products delivered straight to your door. We aim to remove all stigmas in talking about our V’s! Period should no longer be a dirty word. 


7. How big is your team?

Viv is run by a team of women in their early 20s ready to rewrite what period care means and craft a brand that truly represents Gen-Z. Viv is a direct-to-consumer subscription brand built with the modern lifestyle in mind. 

Besides myself, there are two other full-time women a part of the team along with a handful of amazing interns.

Want to join the team? Reach out to: info@vivforyourv.com


8. How have you been getting your brand out there?

We make a post on Instagram every day. Prior to COVID-19, we were going to a bunch of markets to get our brand out there. You could have seen us at the Boston Women’s Market selling and talking to customers. 


Viv is a safe feminine product for you! Coming soon are Viv tampons, so be on the lookout and check them out on Instagram @vivforyourvv.


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