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Unwritten Rules of Life

In life, there are many rules that we all should follow. Some of us naturally follow them, and others haven’t quite caught on to these rules. None of these rules can be found in any official legislation and nobody is ever formally punished for violating them, but many will agree that they are the most important to follow.

When on an escalator stand on the right side and leave room on the left for people who wish to pass.


Don’t try to talk to people wearing headphones in public.


If walking on a busy sidewalk, do not stop.


Don’t talk loudly on the phone in public.


Turn your high beams off when there are other cars on the road.


Let people exit the elevator before you enter.


Replace the toilet paper roll if you finish it.


When someone shows you a picture on their phone, do not swipe right or left for more.


Don’t talk about plans in front of people that weren’t invited.


Chewed gum belongs in the trash and only in the trash.

Put shopping carts back where they belong.

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

Don’t drive slowly in the left lane.

If someone is talking to you, put your phone away.

Don’t create any odors in an elevator.


I hope seeing this friendly reminder of some of these unwritten rules will inspire you to act accordingly. Remember what your mom always told you and follow these rules. 



















Alana is a Senior at Boston College studying Math and Economics. She spent a semester studying in London and traveling throughout Europe. A movie, music, and milk chocolate enthusiast she spends her time quoting Leslie Knope, tagging her friends in puppy instagrams, and taking pictures of her food.
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