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The Ultimate DIY for Your Dorm

DIY.  It is the essence of college living.  Whether it’s making a customized quote painting to hang in your common room or making a tissue paper tassel garland, everyone loves customizing their dorm room in some form or another.  Why not take it a step further and make a customized pong table for you and your roommates?  Divide your table up so that each person can get a customizable section and get painting!


My roommate made a table for the 8 of us living together this year and we absolutely adore it.  Each person can choose a design for their section that represents them and their interests.  One of my friends chose the Chicago flag and skyline for her hometown.  Pull inspiration from your roots!  Another chose a Broadway playbill and musical notes to represent her love for musical theater.  

Design something surrounding the thing you’re most involved in on campus!  Another chose an ice cream pattern to represent her obsession with the food.  We have the New York skyline for our Long Island born and raised and books for our bookworm.  One friend chose her favorite quote, while the other chose a lighthouse landmark from her home state of Maine.  If you can’t find inspiration for yourself, ask your roommates.  They’ll certainly know what makes you so uniquely you!

My suitemates and I love breaking our table out to show guests, who love taking their turn at guessing who belongs to which section.  While only one of my roommates painted our whole table, getting together with your roommates to paint it together can be a great bonding activity and can get you really excited to be living together!  You can customize your end sections as well.  Painting football field patterns, funny quotes, American flag patterns, or school logos make for great additions to your table.  Look on Pinterest and other sites for design inspiration and layout.  Make sure to add a sealant to your table to protect it from all the spills!  Grab your friends and make a DIY you can cherish together!


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