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Turn Your At-Home Spring Break Into an Exotic Vacation

The Dominican Republic, Aspen, Miami, New York… Dallas?  It may not be the most exciting thing to say you’re going home for spring break when other people have exotic beach or skiing trips planned for after midterms, but spending your break at home doesn’t have to be any less fun.  Though some of your friends might be learning to paddle-board, spending whole days on the slopes, or overloading on art and culture in the Big City, there’s no reason you can’ t make them jealous of the fabulous time you’re having in your hometown either.  If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, then you’re more than set for your break, but for the rest of us landlocked souls, here are a few ways to turn your break into the glamorous vacation you deserve.  
Catch Up…
On sleep. You have a good ten days to get more than the 6 hours of sleep you’ve been scraping by on lately, so take advantage!  From warding off a cold, to improving your skin, to simply making you happier, it’s amazing what being well rested can do for you.


With friends.  Take this time to reconnect with friends from high school.  Even if you weren’t besties back in the day, reach out: you might find you have more in common with someone than you originally thought.
On TV.  There’s no question that you’ve got loads of free time for the entire week, so now’s a perfect opportunity to watch the latest episodes of Glee, Downton Abbey, or Modern Family without feeling guilty for procrastinating on a paper. 
Read a Book

With all the reading you’ve been doing for your classes, when was the last time you picked up a novel you actually wanted to read for fun?  Snuggle up with some tea and a blanket and dedicate some quality time to a good story.
Need some suggestions?  Patti Smith’s Just Kids is a beautiful account of the New York art scene and underground punk culture (think Andy Warhol’s Factory and Max’s Kansas City) in the early 70s.  For a good laugh, try Tina Fey’s memoir Bossypants.  If you’re looking for something to change your life, try HC BC-approved Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle.
Pamper Yourself
Spring break is the perfect time to indulge yourself in those beauty rituals you never have time for during school.  Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, splurge on a well-deserved massage, or keep it simple and give yourself an at-home facial.  Along with all the sleep you’ll be catching up on, your skin will thank you! 


Be a Hometown Tourist
Chances are your hometown has a few cultural gems hidden away, so why not go and investigate them?  Plan a cultural day for yourself and a friend and go visit a museum, grab a long lunch, and walk around your town’s historic section.  You’ll discover new places to visit when you go back home again, and you’ll learn a lot about where you’re from.  


Get Organized
Instead of spending the week feeling like there’s constantly something you need to get done, check something off your to-do list.  Whether you’re finally sending in an internship application or backing up your computer hard drive, that feeling of accomplishment will be just as good (maybe even better) than making it down a black diamond slope without ever falling. 


Ultimately, as far as I’m concerned, I can’t wait to be home.   There’s nothing like spending quality time with your parents, snuggling up with a pet, and eating a good home-cooked meal, no matter what other plans you have for the week.   What will you be doing for your at-home spring break?
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Emilie Sintobin is a senior at Boston College studying French and Art History. A diehard fashion enthusiast and francophile, she dreams of the day she can return to Paris, where she spent a semester studying abroad last year. This fall, in addition to writing for Her Campus BC, she is also joining the Her Campus National team as an editorial intern. In her spare time, Emilie devours the pages of Vogue Paris and W, loves listening to oldies tunes, and can't get enough of a good old-fashioned dance party.
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