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True Life: I’ve Never Lost My BC ID

You know that feeling of panic when you realize you’ve lost your ID for the thousandth time and have to wait until Monday morning to get a new one from Student Services? I’m a current junior and can surprisingly say that I have never lost my BC ID and have never had to experience that horrible feeling. I think I’ve met 2 or 3 other juniors who can say the same thing, always leaving others in disbelief. Continuously losing IDs can really add up over the 4 years, and I’m sure there are better ways to spend $20. Here are some of my best tips to avoid losing your ID:

  1. Invest in a card holding phone case.
    This is by far my best piece of advice. Every weekend I use this case to hold my money and ID, and it’s been successful so far! My favorites are the Speck ones because they’re super protective.

  2. Keep it on a lanyard.
    Many of my friends swear by this method, as well. Buy a lanyard from the bookstore with a card slot or simply just punch a hole in the corner. My freshman roommate was prone to losing her ID and resorted to rocking it around her neck on the weekends.

  3. Keep it in the same place in your room so that when you wake up and are rushing to class, you know exactly where it is.
    Before bed, I always put it on the corner of my desk so I always see it before leaving for class.

  4. Before deactivating, always check the pockets of everything you wore that week.
    I can’t even count how many times my friends have freaked out about losing their IDs and then magically find it in the coat they wore the day before – definitely try to look everywhere before deactivating.

  5. Have good card karma.
    If you find an ID on the ground, don’t just walk by it. Pick it up and try to email/ Facebook the person or bring it into Student Services. Even if it may seem like a hassle at first, just hope that someone would do the same for you later down the road. 

Hope these tips bring everyone the same luck they brought me. Although the picture on my ID is very faded, hopefully we’ll make it through 2 more years together.

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