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One of the most simple ways to creatively accessorize an outfit is with a striking pair of sunglasses. They can be truly integral in completing a look and adding the last finishing touches. While it’s true that investing in a protective pair of staple sunglasses is a smart move, sunglass trends seem to change like the weather – for the styles that are almost certainly seasonal, it pays off to buy a cheaper pair. It can be tempting to spend hundreds on a pair of beautiful designer shades, but if you look in the right places, you can find stylish glasses for less. Here are 7 on-trend pairs that will make a statement:

1. Retro Cat-Eye

The biggest sensation in sunglasses this season follow the motto “the smaller, the better.” The trend in shades over the years has transitioned from oversized sunnies to tiny lenses and frames. This vintage-inspired look has taken off in recent seasons and can now be found almost anywhere. One of my personal favorite takes on this look is the small cat-eye frame, such as the pairs below.

Source: Aldo, $12

Source: Urban Outfitters, $18

2. Round White Frames

A bold pair for risk-taking accessorizers, these circular-framed glasses are reminiscent of Kurt Cobain’s similar shades sported in the 1990s and Migos’s “Clout Goggles.” Pop culture references aside, these glasses, with their bright white frames and tinted lenses, are a great look.

Source: Urban Outfitters, $18

3. Wire Frames and Small Lenses

A huge retro-inspired sunglass trend hearkens back to the 90s: small wireframes and mini lenses. This particular take features a diamond-shaped lens and would look great paired with both casual and dressy outfits.

Source: Topshop, $26

4. Oversized Cat-Eye Lens

If the small frame is not for you, fear not: there are still a wide variety of larger shades on-trend for this upcoming season. One example of this is the high double-bar frame. This pair is perfect for summer with its gold lens and flat cat-eye shape.

Source: Asos, $23

5. Retro Colorful Lenses

A great method of adding a pop of color to an outfit is through candy-colored lenses. The circular pink and yellow framed glasses that were formerly associated with 1960s style have made their mark on today’s fashion scene. Forever 21, $7.90

Source: Forever 21, $7.90

6. Oversized Tortoise-shell Frames

Another example of bigger frames, these sunglasses are sleek and dramatic. This pair in particular features a tortoise-shell rim and dark brown lenses.

Source: H&M, $12.99

7. Futuristic Shades

While it may seem that the current inspiration for sunglasses lately is to look at trends of the past, it looks like some designers are trying to capture the fashion of the future as well. These futuristic lenses are one of many that have made their debut in recent seasons.

Source: Aldo, $16

These sunglasses are just a few examples of trendy glasses hitting the shelves that won’t make you break the bank. You can experiment with the different styles depending on your personal taste. Now, more than ever, the fashion world is beckoning us all out of our comfort zones and inviting us to take some playful risks with our accessories. With these pairs as inspiration, find what speaks to you and have fun!











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