Travel Guide: Baltimore Harbor

I recently had the opportunity to spend the summer in Baltimore Harbor and discovered that it is a hidden gem of a vacation destination! If you’ve ever wondered what you can do when you’re visiting Baltimore, check out the list below for some fantastic food, festivities, and fun!


The Rusty Scupper Restaurant


If you’re into brunch, this is the place to go! Every Sunday they serve an all-you-can-eat brunch full of fresh seafood, savory eats, and sweet treats. Plus, if you’re 21+ their amazing drinks are bottomless as well and come with the cost of the brunch!

Visit the Aquarium

What better way to spend the day on the harbor than visiting the aquarium? It’s obviously filled with amazing sea creatures, and it’s settled right on the actual water so you’ll feel as though you’re right there with the sealife.


Kayak around the Harbor

There’s no better way to experience Baltimore Harbor than being in it! When the weather allows it, there are often kayak tours that will take you around the harbor. It’s a fantastic way to get a work out and learn some interesting facts.


Check out the restaurants

There are plenty of amazing eats all competing for best harbor restaurant, so why not check them all out for yourself? Obviously there are a ton of seafood restaurants that are amazing, but if that’s not your thing there is also the trusty class Hard Rock Cafe. Plus, it’s right next to a Barnes & Noble that’s located in an old power plant, so you can take really cool pics!


Climb Federal Hill

If you like history and you want to see one of the best views of Baltimore Harbor around, you should “climb” to the top of Federal Hill. It’s not much of a climb, maybe two flights of stairs, and if you go the back way there are actually no stairs (perfect for people who may have difficulty with stairs or can’t use stairs). Whichever way you get there, it will definitely be worth it to see the view from the top and read about its Civil War historical significance.


Walk around Fell’s Point

Last but not least is my personal favorite area: Fell’s Point. It’s basically the hip young place to be in the harbor area. Full of cute boutiques and quirky restaurant, this is where you’re going to want to hang out. It’s especially popular at night, with its many bars and amazing view of the harbor at night. Definitely a must-see destination if you’re ever in Baltimore Harbor.


While there is so much more to see and do while you’re in Baltimore Harbor, these are some of the best activities and places to visit. They’ll keep you busy and full and give you memories that will last for a long time!