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In the chaos of 2020, Trader Joe’s has become my little happy place! But really, what is there not to like about Trader Joe’s? I find myself always leaving happy when I go there (however I am unsure if my bank account feels the same)! 

Every month I have a new obsession from Trader Joe’s. This October my new favorite thing is their plant section!!! Lately, every time I head over to TJ’s, there is always a plant that catches my eye and I cannot leave the store without it. Their plant section is vast and has a lot of variation!

Here are some of my favorite plants from Trader Joe’s this October:


  1. Succulents in a Sugar Skull

According to the Trader Joe’s Flyer, “During this both solemn and festive holiday period, brightly decorated skulls (often made out of sugar or ceramic) are used to honor the dead; sometimes they’re even filled with plants and used as seasonal décor, which is exactly what you’ll find at Trader Joe’s.” These Dead of the Dead skulls are known to be associated with commemorating those that have died in the Mexican culture and the bright colors of these skulls are intended to honor those deceased. So far in the TJ’s in Brookline, I have seen the colors: orange, black, white, and purple; however, I have seen and heard that they come in many more! They also come in two different sizes. There is a mini size that costs $3.99 while the regular size costs $9.99. The mini is perfect for a window sill or a small area on your desk. In addition to choosing the color and the size, you get to choose the type of succulent in the skull as there are many variations!

These are the perfect fall decor to give your room a hint of color!

IG Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CE-bV6FJmXv/


  1. Airplant Skeleton Yogis

What would really spice up your plant collection? This Airplant Skeleton Yogis!!! I practically ran to grab this plant in TJ’s when I saw it. It is a cute Skeleton and each Skeleton is doing three different yoga poses — hands above the head, a namaste position, or hands close to the chest. On top of the skeleton’s head is the sprout of the plant growing out of it. There is nothing cuter than a skeleton doing yoga poses.

With my busy schedule, I am make sure to look for plants that do not require too much maintenance and this one is perfect!!! This plant is very low maintenance. It only needs to be dipped in water every 1 to 2 weeks and for $5.99 it is a steal!

These are way too cute not to buy all of them! So, make a mental note that you can only purchase three per household.

IG Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEb-6GPJqp3/


  1. Pumpkin Tree Stems

For $7.99 per bunch (there are 6 stems per bunch), you can take home this pumpkin stick. Some may confuse this decoration as a bunch of tiny tomatoes, but don’t be fooled these are solanum integrifolium (an eggplant on a stick)! Strangely, they are edible and have a slightly bitter taste to them! However, these pumpkin tree stems are use for decorative purposes to spice up your home.

It is an extremely simple five minute decor item. Simply cut the stem and place it into a vase with water. Typically, this plant should last between two to four weeks and the water should be changed regularly. 

This mini pumpkin tree stem is so perfect for fall decorations. 

IG Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFBIfO5pahK/


Trader Joe’s has become the gods of Fall and I already cannot wait to see what they will have next year!


Hi, I'm Amanda! I am currently a Senior at Boston College studying Political Science with a minor in Women and Gender's Studies.