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Top Reasons Why Mile 21 is the Best Mile in All of the Marathon


Until I came to Boston College, I truly never understood why Bostonians got so excited about the Marathon Monday.  Little naïve me had no idea why people would want to stand around and watch people run.  Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise when I experienced my first Marathon Monday.  I now rank Patriot’s Day (yes there is an actual holiday attached to Marathon Monday) up there with Christmas, birthdays and Halloween.

Not only have a gone from no appreciation to a full appreciation of Marathon Monday, I am going so far as to say the best Marathon Monday experience, unless of course you are running, is experienced at Boston College.  Here’s why:

1.     Heartbreak Hill

2.     CAMPUS SCHOOL Marthon Team!

3.     Pinnies and Neon EVERYWHERE!

4.     Day drinking at it’s finest (If you’re of age, of course)

5.     No classes.

6.     The “I Wanna run the Marathon” feeling

7.     Free giveaways!

Be on the lookout out for Her Campus BC Girls giving out *free* UNREAL candy!!!


8.     Cheering your friends on!

9.     Mods! (Finally 21!!!!)

10.   A glimpse of family home life and little kids

11.   Getting to see runners from all over the world

12.  You can be on TV!

13.   Excuse to wear athletic clothing, even if you aren’t running.

14.  Making every other college student envious of your experience.

15.  Reconfirming the fact that we made the best college decision when we decided to come to BC!


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