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Top Places to Visit While Abroad in Europe

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Going abroad is one of the most exciting experiences to look forward to junior year for most BC students! But it can also be challenging when deciding where you should study. Whether you’re struggling to pick between countries or even continents, here are some of the top places to travel to in Europe while you’re abroad!

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

One of the most beautiful Mediterranean landscapes in the world! Be sure to visit the Amalfi Coast and get a picture of you and your champagne bottle in the Mediterranean Sea with the multi colored buildings and houses that line the hills behind you. The best way to see it is to hike the Path of Gods, which takes you on a four mile hike to see the whole beauty of the coast.


2. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is considered the “hipster” city of Europe. It offers unique shops and restaurants that give a different kind of European feel. Check out a Budapest Bath Party where you can relax in the hot springs during the day and attend pool parties at night.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

The winding cobblestone streets and the incredible architecture make Prague one of the most beautiful cities. Old Town Square is a great spot to walk around, visit art galleries, and enjoy delicious snacks from street vendors. On Friday nights many college students go to Lucerna, a famous bar that only plays American songs from the 80’s and 90’s.

4. Cannes, France

While there are many museums and great shops, Cannes is all about relaxation. You can find the majority of the people hanging at the beaches for most of the day or taking leisurely strolls down the gorgeous boulevard, La Croisette. Also if you can be sure to check out the Cannes film Festival in May and be on the lookout for the hottest celebrities!

5. Munich, Germany

Looking for beer and soft pretzels? Go no further than Munich! Listen and dance and drink with locals and foreigners during Oktoberfest or Springfest! The grounds are set up like an amusement park so while enjoying beer and food you can also go on rides!

Make sure to consider these places if youre looking  to pick a country to study abroad at or if you’re traveling Europe with friends while you are abroad! 


















Vanessa is a senior at Boston College studying Economics and Communications. She is proud to be the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at Boston College!