Top Leggings Brands Compared (and My Cheaper Recommendation!)

I used to not be a believer in wearing leggings as pants, but I’ve definitely since hopped on the bandwagon. Leggings are easy, comfortable, convenient, and I truly believe every girl should own at least one pair. That being said, how do you decide between all the brands out there? Lucky for you, I’ve already tried a whole bunch and can give you my two cents on three popular brands and the one that blows them all away.


Fabletics is an incredibly popular brand of “athleisure” clothing, meaning they have apparel for everything from working out at the gym to chilling out at home. I’ve seen and heard so much about Fabletics so I was super excited to try their 2 leggings for $24 promotion for new customers! However, I was a little disappointed when they came in and I saw that the advertised pocket they came with was a small one inside the waistband. It fits half of my phone with the other half sticking out and easily falls out any time I bend over. Overall, while the quality of the leggings was excellent, the lack of useful pockets just made these leggings not worth it in my opinion.


I love American Eagle and I love Aerie so of course, I was going to try their leggings. I was not disappointed! They’re good, solid quality leggings and they have pockets on either side which I love! They’re stretchy, soft, and thick enough to be substantial without being too much. If you’re looking for a good, everyday, casual legging, Aerie is a great choice! That being said, the selection that Aerie has isn't that great and if you want anything more than your standard pair of black leggings, you might have to look elsewhere.


These leggings are nice. I bought two different pairs of leggings from a Nike outlet store (student budget remember!) and I like both pairs. That said, I don’t LOVE them. One pair feels pretty thin and the other is only okay. Neither have pockets because I suppose they’re for working out more than everyday use. Honestly, even at the outlet store prices, they were both more on the expensive side and overall, not worth it in my opinion.


PopFit is a brand I heard about through an Instagram promotion when they were giving away 2 pairs of free leggings (just pay S&H). My sister and I decided to split the cost of shipping and each got a pair. I absolutely love my pair and even bought another. They’re super comfortable and every pair has pockets. I repeat: EVERY PAIR OF LEGGINGS HAS POCKETS!

PopFit leggings come in an incredible amount of different colors and designs. Even if you’re just looking for classic black leggings, you’ll have plenty to choose from. And if you’re looking for pops of color or fun patterns, they’ve got that too!

Ultimately for me, next time I need a new pair of leggings, I’ll be heading on over to to check out their styles! What’s your favorite brand for leggings? Leave a comment below!