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Here are five of the most haunted places to visit in Boston this spooky season:


1. Boylston Street Station

Two major events happened at this T station. During excavation, a mass grave with over 1,000 bodies from the revolutionary period was disturbed. It is said that men in red coats can be seen walking through the tunnels late at night. In 1897 there was a gas explosion above the tunnel killing over 10 people and trapping people and their souls below. Early morning trolley drivers have seen apparitions of men in red coats standing along the tracks.


2. Boston Common

Over three centuries ago public executions were held on the common. People who were executed or hung can be seen roaming the common in search of justice and rest due to their bodies being left unburied.


3. Granary Burying Ground and the King’s Chapel Burying Ground

Both burying grounds are said to have hauntings from lingering residents dating back to 1630 and 1660. Apparitions can be seen at the Granary of a person on a horse racing to Old North Church. Kings Chapel is said to have several people, thought to be dead, buried alive who still roam the burial ground.


4. Ogawa Coffee

Spooky pumpkin and ghost lattes are served at this international coffee shop originally based in Kyoto, Japan.


5. Omni Parker House

It’s said that the elevators at the Omni Parker House mysteriously arrive on the third floor without being summoned. The sound of rocking chairs creaking can be faintly heard, even though there are none within the hotel. Also, the hotel developer died in 1884 on the 10th floor and is said to walk along the annex.


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