Top 5 Halloween Episodes to Watch

With Halloween right around the corner, it is the perfect time to watch some of our favorite Halloween themed episodes! Get in the spirit of Halloween with these fun Halloween themed episodes. Here are our top five favorite episodes that you need to watch.


1. Parks and Recreation: “Halloween Surprise” Season 5 Episode 5

Easily, this Halloween themed episode of Parks and Recreation is one for the books. Leslie and Ann attend the Halloween screening of Death Canoe 4: Murder at the Lake House as Rosie the Riveter and Gabby Douglas, respectively, continuing to be a wonderful example of female friendship on TV. Leslie and Ann decide to scare Tom at the screening, but instead scare Jerry who has a “fart attack”. In true Leslie style, Leslie and Ann hold a garage sale to help earn money to help Jerry with his medical bills that resulted from his “fart attack”. This is not the only sweet moment as Ben, after contemplating his future in Washington D.C., comes home to surprise Leslie with one of the cutest TV proposals ever. These two minutes of the episode make it a must watch!

2. Brooklyn 99: “HalloVeen” Season 5 Episode 4

Brooklyn 99 owns Halloween themed episodes. Brooklyn 99 has had a Halloween-themed episode that involves a “Halloween Heist” in every season thus far. This Halloween episode is the best yet, with the whole 99 taking part in the action. However, this year’s heist did not end with a winner, but with an engagement. Jake Peralta used the whole heist to set up a proposal to Amy in the show’s cutest moment. Amy thinks she has found the winning belt, but instead finds a belt engraved with “Amy Santiago, Will you marry me?” and turns to find Jake down on his knee. The whole heist gets overlooked in the last few moments as the squad celebrates the engagement of the show’s lovebirds and the true winner, romance. It is also interesting to note that Mike Schur, the creator of Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn 99, chose the Halloween episodes for both main couple’s (Ben and Leslie and Jake and Amy) proposals.

3. Friends: “The One with the Halloween Party” Season 8 Episode 6

While Brooklyn 99 is the king of Halloween episodes, Friends is the king of Thanksgiving episodes but did make one Halloween themed episode. In “The One with the Halloween Party”, the whole gang dresses up for Halloween: Monica as Catwoman, Phoebe as Wonder Woman, Joey as Chandler, Chandler as a pink bunny, and Ross as Spudnik (a play on Sputnik and a potato). Rachel is the only one not to dress up, as she has recently found out that she is pregnant and wants to wear a dress that she will not be able to fit into soon. Everyone gathers at Monica’s and Chandler’s apartment for the party in which Gunther even attends as Charlie Brown. It is nice to know that Gunther sees the friends outside of the coffee shop. Chandler and Ross own the funniest moment of the episode when they embark on in an epic arm-wrestling match to see who the weakest is. Chandler is surprisingly beating Ross but lets Ross win who is dying to impress his new girlfriend, Mona.

4. The Office: “Halloween” Season 2 Episode 5

The Office is one of the most enjoyable shows to watch and Season 2’s Halloween episode is no exception. Michael is forced to fire someone by the end of the day, but of course, he is in no hurry to do so. Pam and Jim, always up to no good, decide to play another prank on Dwight. Jim pretends to be Michael on the phone as a reference for Dwight for his Cumberland Farms job application. However, Dwight ends up ruining his chances for himself though when he goes on a rant to them on the phone. As for Michael, he still does not know who to fire and unsuccessfully attempts to fire random people in the office including Toby, of course, until he fires Devon for good. Devon then smashes a pumpkin on Michael’s car. After a long day at the office, Michael is shown at home alone passing out candy to children. This episode highlights parts of what makes The Office great: Jim and Pam’s chemistry, Dwight’s quirkiness, and Michael’s obscurity.

5. How I Met Your Mother: “The Slutty Pumpkin” Season 1 Episode 6

In season one, we are introduced to the infamous “Slutty Pumpkin” later turned out to be played by Katie Holmes. Ted attends the same Halloween party every year up on the rooftop in hope to see the girl wearing a slutty pumpkin costume that he met years earlier. Barney also attends the party in Ted in which he changes costumes every time he is rejected by a girl in hopes to try his luck again in true Barney fashion. In other news, Lily and Marshall win a Halloween costume contest as a parrot and a pirate after putting a lot of effort into their costumes. The “slutty pumpkin” is a theme that is brought up again throughout the shows runs and brings quite a few laughs and surprises.



Now go grab your favorite Halloween candy and get ready for some laughs!