Throwback Toys We All Secretly Miss Playing With

This week at Her Campus BC, everyday is Throwback Thursday! We are filling our page with articles packed with nostalgia and memories of the best music, movies, and snacks of our childhoods. While the kids of today are growing up with iPads and advanced technology, we 90s kids grew up with some of the best toys and games known to man. Here are just a few of our favorite toys from our childhood to reminisce about.



There was nothing quite like taking care of your hand-held digital pet growing up. This egg-shaped toy consumed much of my time as a kid and I wouldn’t take back a single minute of it.




Playing out in the driveway is seemingly a lost art form nowadays. If the sun was shining, then I would pull out my skip it and my jump rope, clear some space in the driveway and my friends and I would get hopping.




Nintendo Game Boy

Before there were iPads and Wii’s, there were Game Boys, bulky hand-held game consoles that allowed you to play various games. In my house, those games were mostly Pokemon related and there was a constant battle of whose turn it was to play.




Polly Pocket

When I was a kid, Polly Pocket was always one of my favorite toys. The pocket-sized figurine came with tons of outfits to change and rubbery houses and cars to play with.




Moon Shoes

Although likely incredibly dangerous, these fun bouncy shoes were a hit growing up. With these attached to your feet, you had your own personal trampoline!




Easy Bake Oven

I do believe that I did more baking when I was a kid than I do now all thanks to my trusty Easy Bake Oven. Nothing quite beats that feeling of pride you would feel pulling your round, yellow cake out of the oven!




Happy throwback week!