Throwback Childhood TV Shows That Have Been Brought Back


Longing for the nostalgic days of your childhood? Wishing that your favorite TV show never ended? Luckily, many of our favorite shows from our childhood have been revived or are in the process of being revived. Curl up under your favorite Disney Princess blanket and snack on a Fruit Roll-Up, while you relive the glory days of your childhood.


The Powerpuff Girls


The Powerpuff Girls returned in 2016 to much criticism from loyal fans who longed to hear the classic voices of Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup. If this new reboot does not do it for you, the entire original series is available on Hulu!


Full House


Who doesn’t have a soft spot for Full House, the show that taught us so many lessons growing up? Full House returned as Fuller House in 2016, nearly thirty years after Full House premiered. Fuller House has brought back pretty much every character from the Full House, except for Michelle. This is definitely one reboot that will make your heart beam with nostalgic feels. Netflix recently announced that season five will be the final season of Fuller House, so now is the time to start watching!


Boy Meets World


Boy Meets World flipped its name to Girl Meets World for its 2014 Disney Channel revival. The story followed Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley,  and her friends as they discovered the world. The show touched on many diverse issues such as Asperger’s Syndrome, cultural appropriation, and feminism. The show really took on a life of its own aside from Boy Meets World. Luckily, many familiar faces did drop by during the show’s three season run.


That’s So Raven


That’s So Raven returned to the Disney Channel as Raven’s Home in 2017. Honestly, I was surprised by this reboot as it did not seem that That’s So Raven ended so long ago, but it did end back in 2007. The premise follows Raven divorced and raising her two kids with her best friend Chelsea. It is refreshing to see Raven return to the Disney Channel for the next generation.


Kim Possible


Can the Kim Possible movie on the Disney Channel count as a real reboot? Featuring a live-action cast, this movie received mostly negative reviews from the generation that grew up watching the cartoon version voiced by Christy Carlson-Romano. We can only hope that Disney’s investment in this movie may mean that they would be willing to invest in a real reboot of the classic cartoon show.


Two Nickelodeon favorites are also in the process of returning!  



Our favorite toddlers are making an epic return with a movie planned for the big screen to be released in November of 2020. Along with the movie, new episodes are in the works. The last time we saw Rugrats on our TV screens, they were teens in All Grown Up!.


All That


All That, the kid’s version of Saturday Night Live, is returning very soon! The folks at Nickelodeon are currently looking for the next batch of kids to follow in the footsteps of Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, and Amanda Bynes. Kenan Thompson announced that he will be returning to the show in a new role as executive producer which is sure to be a good sign that good content is to follow.


If these new takes on your favorite shows don’t make you feel nostalgic, then don’t forget you can always have a marathon of the original show that you fell in love with as a kid!