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Three Simple Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room for Halloween

I don’t know about you, but decorating my house for Halloween made this festive time of year all the more fun. In college, Halloween takes on a different form. Besides picking out two costumes (or three or four….), dressing up your dorm room is the most fun!

Here are three easy, fun, and inexpensive ways to decorate your dorm for the holiday: 

1. Windows

Window gel clings are an easy way to decorate your windows and, if you’re on the first floor, show everyone outside that you’re into the holiday spirit.  These decorations also stick to wood, so you can easily put them on your dresser or your door for added décor!

2. Doors

Want to get your hall into the spirit? The best way to do so is to decorate your door.  This can be anything from your whiteboard to streamers to plastic decorations.  Anything black, orange, or spooky will do!

3. Inside

Setting something on your dresser or desk, or hanging something from the walls is an easy way to get the inside of your room into the spirit.  You can decorate pumpkins, hang paper garlands, and hang up lights, which is legal starting October 15!

Her Campus BC wants to see how you’re decorating your dorm room for Halloween! Post a picture of your decorations to Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook with #hercampusbc and @hercampusbc! Let’s get everyone in the Halloween spirit!







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