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Three of the Best Game of Thrones Theories We Have Read

WARNING: may contain spoilers. As many of you know, the eighth and final season of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones began a few weeks ago. After a long year and a half break between seasons, fans are finally able to have their favorite show back. Since the premiere, there have been countless posts of various fan theories about what will happen in these last few episodes. Here are a few of the most interesting theories we have seen thus far:

Where is the Night King and the dragon? 

In the final scene of episode 2 we see that the white walkers have made it to Winterfell. Two key characters, however, are noticeably missing: the Night King and the dragon. Fans have many ideas about where they are headed. Some people think they are headed to King’s Landing to wipe out our favorite villain Cersei. Others think they are headed to Old Town to destroy the Citadel and all of the history books within.


Are the northerners safe in the crypt?

Fans have been speculating that the dead bodies in the crypt may rise again as members of the army of the dead, putting all of the northerners in danger. A quote in the latest trailer from Dany to Jon indicates that the dead may already be within Winterfell. More evidence is found in the trailer for the entire season where Arya is seen running frantically through the crypt.


Will the Kingslayer live up to his name?

One final theory that we have read about is that the Kingslayer will be the one to kill the Night King. This would allow him to complete his transition from our least favorite character to an honorable hero. He has always hated his nickname of Kingslayer but this could change the connotation of this name for him. 


We look forward to seeing what happens this season!






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