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Things Girls Don’t Understand About Guys

Over the years here at Her Campus BC, we’ve explained different female things that boys just don’t understand (heels, PMS, production of getting ready, some accessories). Now it’s our turn to ask the questions. There are some things that guys do that make our jaws drop, take our heads for a turn, and make us utter “WTF” under our breath.

Boys, we want answers.

Long hair
Some flow is nice sometimes (lax bro, anyone?), but what’s with the new trend on campus with shoulder length hair on the fellas? Enough hair to grab during a heated make out sesh? Hot. Hair longer than mine? Not.

Not everyone can rock the luscious locks like you, Brad.

Why don’t you ask us on them? Now listen, we aren’t just being bitter, whiney single girls and complaining excessively about the hook up culture on campus right now. This is a legitimate question. As a girl who has to listen to her male friends talk about girls they like and how they don’t know what to do about it, then watch as they NEVER ASK SAID GIRLS ON DATES, I just can’t help but wonder.

Getting mad at the TV
Listen, I love sports. I really do. The Red Sox will forever be near and dear to my heart. (Yes, even now.) When my team messes up, I might utter a small “damn it” or let out a deep sigh. But the full out screaming of profanities, storming away from the TV, and slamming doors? Really boys?

Take it easy, Homer.

Or rather, why you’re so obsessed with them. You guys talk about them, you name them, you grab them in public, and sometimes they even get whipped out. You don’t see us girls fixating on our lovely ladies.

Hats at the gym
Is it sunny in your gym world? I didn’t think so. Plus, hats just make your head hotter. It really doesn’t make sense. And while we’re on weird things you guys do at the gym, do you not believe in water bottles? It seems like boys spend more time walking back and forth to the water fountain than they actually do working out. I’m not being judgmental; I just really don’t get it.

I don’t possess the answers to any of these mysteries of the male mystique, but maybe this will remind everyone that girls aren’t the only confusing sex.

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