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Take an Outdoor Adventure!

We may be the “University of Chestnut Hill,” but for all intents and purposes, we live in a city. It’s a beautiful thing. It means we can get pizza at 2am or walk around on a Saturday and run into a random parade or festival or group of people giving out free stuff. All the best shopping is no more than a short T ride away, and good restaurants are even closer. Cities are pretty great, and let’s face it: Boston is the best.

But every once in a while the city feels like it’s just too much. There are times when I literally just cannot deal with the people on the sidewalks when I try to enjoy a nice run, or the lines at every possible place I could want to go, or the amount of money that I spend when I’m in the city. At these times, I imagine myself in a huge field or forest or wide-open natural space where there are either no other people around or just a select few that won’t annoy me (i.e. my friends). Don’t get me wrong, I love the city and I love people, but we all need an escape sometimes.

Thanks to the Outdoor Activities Program at BC, my dreams of outdoor freedom and exploration can actually happen.

Not only do they have awesome trips like rock climbing, hiking, river rafting, snowshoeing, and ski trips that are inexpensive, but they also include transportation and equipment as well—could it be any easier? 

If you aren’t down to do group activities and would rather go off with a group of friends and do the wilderness on your own, the Outdoor Activities Program can help you with that, too! Their weekend rental program has everything you could possible want for a weekend out in nature—from tents to insulated sleeping bags and pot sets for camping, to climbing shoes, trekking poles, snow shoes, and even wetsuits, life jackets and paddleboards. There are just so many activity possibilities!

We all know the BC bubble can be suffocating at times, but with the resources we have provided by the Outdoor Activities Program, we can get out and catch our breath. Trust me, fresh air and the sound of nature can do wonders for your mental and physical state of being.

So next time you get overwhelmed with classes, friend drama, and city life, check out the Outdoor Activities Program run through the Plex to get away and get refreshed. Take advantage of the amazing opportunities that we have at BC to explore not only Boston, but also the surrounding areas!


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