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Take it to the Trails: Running Routes You Might Not Know About

Are you tired of looping the Res again, and again… and again?   Are you annoyed with the daily competition to snag a treadmill in front of a fan at the Plex?   Lululemon tells us to “sweat once daily,” but the same old loop gets a little tedious, especially once the Boston winter hits and all we want to do is snuggle up under our comforters and watch reruns of The Hills.   In this situation, nothing will get you out of bed and into your running shoes faster than something new!   To keep your workout interesting, we’ve got a few a runs up our sleeve to keep you motivated through the winter.

3 mile – You will recognize this run as the annual “Red Bandana Run.”  It’s tried, it’s true, so why not make it a daily routine?  Start this run by Mac, and along Linden Lane until you hit Comm Ave.  Follow Commonwealth all the way to Cleveland Circle and take a right onto Beacon St.   Follow this road along the South side of the Res (ok, ok, this run involves a little bit of the Res), and back up Beacon St.   You will end at Mac where you started.  A post-run chocolate milk is perfect after this route.

5 mile – This run takes you via the scenic route.   Starting at Lower, run towards the Res and then take a right onto Beacon St.  Either re-visit or return to upper, taking a left onto Hammond St.  You will enjoy classic Chestnut Hill mansions on either side of the road, until you take a right onto Boylston.   Stay right on Boylston and follow the decline in the road onto Hammond Park Road.   This is where the scenic part takes off.  This road cuts straight through the Webster Conservation Area.   Most of this street isn’t paved, but don’t let this deter you.  Embrace the trail runner vibe instead!   Take a right on Beacon to return back to campus.

6 mile – This 6 mile loop starts deceptively easy; don’t let it fool you!   Starting at St. Ignatius, run up Comm Ave. towards Bapst.  At the crest of the hill, you will start running down Heartbreak Hill until you hit Walnut street, about 2 miles down.   Take this time to appreciate how you are not running in the opposite direction. Yikes!  Once you hit Walnut St., take a left and continue onward until you see Whole Foods ahead.   Resist the temptation to go inside, and instead take a left onto Beacon St.   This is where you’ll start to sweat, because what goes down must come up!   Continue on the gradual uphill all the way back to campus, ending at Lower.

9 mile – This straight shot run is super easy, and it doesn’t involve all the twists and turns of the other loops. You start at Beacon St. at the top of the Res.   Run straight down Beacon for 4.5 miles until you hit Washington Street.  At that point, turn around and come back.  Beware: the run back is uphill, so be sure to pace!

11 mile – The 11 miler is nice because it’s long, but it’s also super flat!   Even better, it provides a nice blend of the natural and the metropolitan.  Start at St. Ignatius and run East down Comm Ave.  You’re going to stay on this road for a while, so when in doubt, follow the T!   Stay straight until you hit the BU bridge, and then hang a left.  You’re not going to cross the river, so keep an eye out for a ramp to your right.   It will take you down onto Soldier’s Field Road.  The ramp goes to the right, but you will actually be running to the left at the bottom, so just follow it as it curves down.   This is the high point of the run!   Soldier’s Field Road hugs the Charles, and will bring you through BU and Harvard territory.  Needless to say, you should be wearing Eagle’s gear.  Enjoy the ride until the road comes to an end (where the Massachusetts Turnpike levels out).  Keep straight onto Market St.   This road adds a slight incline to the end, but don’t worry because you are almost at BC!  Just a left onto Washington St. and a final left onto Lake St., and you are home!

Do you have other running routes that you love?  Share them with us!!

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