Swimsuit Trends For Break

Before you leave for your trip to Cancun, or Florida, or anywhere away from all of the snow, you need to be prepared. One of the most important things you need for a vacation on the beach is – you guessed it – a swimsuit. 

Note: Most of the pictures I’m using are from Aerie because I love their Real Body campaign. It’s great that a company with good values and cheap swimwear has the latest trends!

1. High-Waisted Bottoms

The high-waisted trend is finally catching on in swimsuits from the jeans and shorts over the last few years. Like the shorts, high-waisted swimsuit bottoms give off a retro vibe and give you great coverage for your body!

2. Halter Tops

These halter tops are really cute, and give great upper body coverage. Although there may be some weird tan lines with these tops, you should be wearing sunscreen on break anyways! Stay safe and look cute in this type of top!

3. Convertible Bottoms

I actually just bought these bottoms, because they’re so cool! I couldn’t decide which types of bottoms to get, so these are normal bottoms, high waisted, medium-wasted, or even a skirt-like bottom. You can fold these however you feel comfortable, and your look can change every day with them.

4. Reversible Patterns

For the most indecisive of us all, swimsuits with reversible patterns are perfect! I know that I can never decide what swimsuit to buy because I can’t decide which color/pattern/size of polka dots I like more – with these, you don’t have to choose and can switch it up every time you go to the beach!

5. Paneled Swimwear

Instead of the typical cutouts and ever-lessening amount of material being used in swimsuits, a trend for this year is panels. If you want to wear a one-piece without being completely covered, sheer panels are the way to go! This is also a good idea if you’re worried about wearing small swimsuits without fear of them falling off in the water (that’s always a problem!).

Have a fun and safe break no matter what type of swimsuit you’re wearing!