Spring Travel Guide: Amsterdam

Whether it be a visit to the Keukenhof Spring Garden, celebrating King’s Day in bright orange, or a visit to the legendary Tulip fields, there is no doubt that Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world to celebrate the beauty of Spring! In the spirit of the new season, here are four things you must do if you find your way to the city of canals (it actually has more canals than Venice)!

Grab a Stroopwafel at Lanskroon

This long-running bakery in the heart of the city overlooks Singel Canal. The bakery serves king-sized stroopwafels with a variety of fillings, including coffee syrup and peanut butter, coffee and tea, and other Amsterdam classics that make for a great afternoon visit!

Ride Through the Tulip Fields Outside of the City

For this unique experience, I recommend a cycling tour of the fields. What better way to see the tulips and experience the beauty of the Netherlands than by bike? Ride past the striped fields on the way to the Keukenhof Garden, but be sure to take a break from cycling and enjoy a walk through the tulips!

Visit the Keukenhof Spring Garden

A visit to the gardens is more of a day trip than a stop along the way, but it is worth it! The garden is only open during the spring, and when you go will determine what kind of flowers you see. That being said, it’s best to go in late March when it first opens, so you’ll be able to see hundreds of different kinds of  spring flowers in full bloom!

Take a Stroll Through One of Amsterdam’s City Markets

The Saturday markets down the main roads are the best way to meet people, get fresh food and handmade clothing, and take in the city! If you’re one of those travelers who needs a slow weekend morning, look no further! Roll out of the hotel at noon and have a chill afternoon with the locals.

Where are some of your favorite travel destinations?