Sometimes I Open My Mouth And My Mother Comes Out

I look exactly like my mother.  With the same red hair and freckled skin, there is no way we can deny our relation.  Recently, though, I have come to realize that I am similar to my mother beyond just looks.  I am turning into my mother!  I have started to catch myself saying all of her classic mom phrases. Here are a few examples of my own and other Her Campus BC girls’ “Sometimes I Open My Mouth and My Mother Comes Out” moments.

A few weeks ago as my roommate was heading out the door for class, I told her, “Make good choices!”  Uh, what?  This was the exact phrase that my mom would say to me each day as I got out of the car for school in the morning.  After over three years of saying goodbye to roommates before class this just slipped out that day.  And so it began… I’m slowing becoming my mother.

Another classic mom phrase: “Nothing good happens after midnight!”  This one tumbled right out of my mouth after discussing a friend’s crazy night out.  Seriously, how old am I?  Clearly already old enough to be a mother of teenagers.  Fabulous.

Last week, in response to the growing number of dirty dishes and dust bunnies in my suite, I announced to my roommates, “The maid is on vacation!”  Wow.  This one isn’t necessarily a classic mom phrase; it is a classic MY mom phrase.  It’s now officially official, I am my mother.

 My not-so-distant-future self and I (Shannon and her mother)

HC BC writer Gabby Alleyne’s mother and mine could definitely be BFFs.  Gabby and I have both caught ourselves with the timeless commands of, “Clean your hair out of the drain!” and “Put the dishes IN the dishwasher! That’s what it’s there for!”  Hey, at least we’re just trying to keep the place clean, right?  Mom would be proud.

HC BC Publicity Director Morgan Gibbons has realized that she is sharing the same advice her mother gave her in high school to all of her friends now. "Don't let a guy dictate your life." After learning this lesson from her mom in a high school relationship, she finds herself advising her girl friends to keep the same thing in mind when dealing with hook-ups, break-ups and other guy drama. 

Our very own Campus Correspondent Meghan Gibbons also finds her mother jumping out of her mouth.  My favorite of Meghan’s examples was the time her first concern in discussing her friend’s hookup was, “Does he come from a good family?”  Before she asked if he was cute or literally any other information about him, this is what she just had to know.  Another classic mom moment.

Although we all shudder at the terrifying notion of morphing into our mothers, in my opinion it really wouldn’t be all that bad.  My mom is a pretty cool lady and it would be great if I could be like her.  But let’s hold off another twenty years please!

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