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Snow Days in College

One of the only perks of going to school somewhere cold is that, in the winter, there’s a chance for snow days. I still get just as excited when I see the notification that school is closed as I did when I was in elementary school. The nice, unexpected break during the week is such a treat and is always so enjoyable. Recently, Boston got hit with about 15 inches of snow and Boston College canceled all of its classes. I had the whole day to relax. In light of the recent snow day, I’m going to share my favorite things to do on a snowy day off from school!


1. Sleep In

Most college students are sleep deprived because of their busy schedules packed with classes, hours of homework,  extracurriculars, and, of course, parties. Therefore, it’s rare to get a full 7-9 hours of sleep. Because of this, y number one recommendation for a snow day is to sleep in! You don’t have to wake up early for class or to finish writing your paper. It is a day off with essentially nothing planned. So, sleep in as late as you can because, in college, it’s rare to have a day where you have no responsibilities.


2. Go Outside in the Snow  

When it snows, it’s always a good option to go outside and play! In my opinion, you’re never too old to make snow angels and throw snowballs at your friends. I usually end up staying outside for about 20 minutes before I get unbearably cold and have to go back inside. Regardless, it’s always fun while it lasts. Also, if you want to go sledding, look for someone who has laundry crates and you can actually use those as sleds! People don’t usually just have sleds lying around in their rooms, so laundry baskets are great sledding hacks. Additionally, after I go outside, I always take a long, steaming-hot shower to warm back up and then I throw on my pajamas or sweatpants.



3. Cozy Up and Watch a Movie

Another one of my favorite things to do on a snow day is to wear my comfiest sweatpants, wrap myself in a blanket, and watch a movie. My favorite movies to binge are classics like The Proposal, Crazy Stupid Love, We are the Millers, Mean Girls, and Bridesmaids. I have seen these movies so many times but I still love snuggling up to watch them and laugh! I also love to heat up water in a mug and make tea with honey or hot chocolate packets. This is always so relaxing and manages to warm me up on a chilly day. I will also microwave some popcorn to go along with my movie for a nice, buttery snack.



4. Pamper Yourself

Having a free day is a great time to relax. What better way to relax than to pamper yourself!? I have a couple of face masks that I like to use that help me feel like I’m getting a facial. It makes my face feel refreshed and awakened. I also like to paint my nails because I have so much time for them to dry. Plus, it’s always easier to let nails dry as you watch your favorite movie.


5. Catch Up on Your Work

This last snow day activity is a little different because most people don’t want to think about work on their day off. However, if you are behind on work and need to catch up on reading, a snow day is literally the perfect opportunity to do that. I have that one class where I usually don’t have time to complete all the homework (aka read the 100 pages assigned) so about 45 minutes of my snow day was spent catching up on reading. It is annoying to do work on a day off from school, but you might as well catch up on some work or get ahead if you have the time! You definitely won’t regret it.



I hope these ideas are helpful when thinking about what you should do on your snow day. Stay warm and enjoy the day off!







Hi! My name is Cameron Stonehouse and I am a Senior at Boston College. I have been apart of HerCampus since freshman year and have loved being apart of this organization. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, read, and cook! My guilty pleasure is reality tv and popcorn :)
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