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Sex Files #5: Get tested for STIs on campus!

Welcome to the Sexual Health blog, run by BCSSH!  Here’s the simple version of who we are: we’re a group of students who think that condoms are important.  For the longer version, see our website!

Hello Friends!
This will be a short post because we BCSSH-ers just got back from spring break.  For some of us, that meant the Bahamas.  For other, totally-not-bitter-about-it-I-swear  BCSSH-ers, that meant a week of intensive thesis writing at home (womp womp).  Regardless, that means we didn’t have the time to be our usual, witty selves, but we did want to make sure we gave you some important post-spring break information!
1.     Wherever you were, we hope you were safe!  If you had some spring break hook-ups last week, we hope you listened to our past advice and made sure to use protection and practice good consent.  Also, if you were lounging in the sun, we hope you wore sunscreen.  And if you were hunched over at a desk in the library, we hope you got up and walked around every once in a while to avoid blood clots/stress-induced breakdowns.

2.     But if you didn’t follow our advice, you should start thinking about getting tested on campus.  Though these services are always available at Health Services, the STI Testing Campaign (sponsored by UGBC and the AIDS Awareness Committee, with assistance with some lovely BCSSH-ers) officially kicks off at the end of break.  From March 22nd to March 24th, there will be information available in the Quad about STIs and the testing options available at Health Services and around Boston.  Overall, the goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about what Health Services offers, provide information about STIs and HIV to students, publicize sexual health and testing services available in the Boston area, and promote the healthy lifestyle practice of getting tested regularly for STIs.

3.     Also check out this great event:  “It Can’t Happen to Me:  The Realities of STIs and HIV.”  Learn about HIV and other STIs with a film viewing of “Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives” followed by a discussion with Professor Rosanna DeMarco and women living with HIV/AIDS.  The event is on March 16th at 7 PM (location TBA).

We’ll be back for a regular post soon, but in the meantime… Peace, love, and lube,

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