Self Defense Move 1: Palm Strike

Hey y’all! Here’s your Krav Maga-inspired self-defense technique of the week! (For more info on Krav Maga and self-defense, click here!) Today we are going to run through the Palm-Heel Strike. This is one of the simplest techniques in Krav Maga—it is easy to do with a seriously low risk of injury to your self. This is an awesome move because, unlike a punch, you are a lot less likely to break your hand, you don’t have to worry too much about technique, and you will be surprised at how much power you have. 

The heel of your palm is strong, and you want to aim it towards “soft tissue” of your attacker—eyes, throat, nose, chin, etc. This is especially good to use against someone taller and larger than you. 

Fight Stance

It is natural to begin with your hands up in front of your face because in a confrontation, you will naturally assume a defensive stance.

Rotate your hip as you throw the strike, creating power. Extend your arm towards your target (soft tissue) to harness the highest amount of strength, and drive the palm of your hand into the target area. Make sure you are hitting with only the bottom of your palm, with your fingers extended backward for maximum force to contain the pressure to the smallest amount of space. 

When you have struck your target, return your hands back to a defensive stance, ready to defend again if necessary. 

Keep checking back for more self-defense techniques, and stay safe, y’all!


Special thanks to Chris and Shawn Hollingsworth, Nashville Krav Maga, Krav Maga Worldwide (and their book Krav Maga for Women)!