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The Right Shoe Can Change Your Life: A Review of Boston Ballet’s Cinderalla

Last Thursday, my boyfriend and I went to the opening night of Cinderella by the Boston Ballet. As expected, it was amazing and enchanting. The dancers of the Boston Ballet are extremely talented and Cinderella is a beautiful ballet. Besides, who doesn’t love the message of Cinderella: “The Right Shoe can change your Life”. Kidding, it’s all about love, but the shoe part is pretty good too.

The ballet Cinderella is a telling of the classic Cinderella story, but it is not the same as the Disney movie. The World Premiere of the ballet Cinderella was in December of 1948, but this was the Boston Ballet’s premiere and it was exciting to see the members of the press next to little girls in tutus. Divided into three acts, the story begins in Cinderella’s house with her stepsisters and her father getting invited to the ball. After the stepsisters and her father leave for the ball, Cinderella meets her fairy godmother and eventually transforms into her princess gown. Act Two is during the ball in the palace. Act Three is when the prince finds Cinderella and you know, they live happily ever after.

The ballet was marked by spectacular music, vibrant outfits, and very talented and graceful dancers. Misa Kuranaga was Cinderella, and her performance was exquisite as she danced the part while acting it. Her prince, Jeremy Cirio, was equally as charming. The comic relief portion of the performance would have to be Cinderella’s step sisters which, when cast in ballet, is cast as a drag role. The two men were a funny, yet strangely accurate portrayal of what you’d expect the ugly stepsisters to act like.

Boston Ballet’s Cinderella is performed at the Boston Opera House until March 23rd and they have cheaper student tickets available. Now if you don’t have the time to go in the next week, I highly encourage you to go see at least one performance at the Opera House. It’s a beautiful building and it was really fun to go into Boston and get lost in this fairy tale love story.

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