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Restaurant Review: Empire Restaurant and Lounge

Nestled in Downtown Boston’s trendy Seaport district, Empire Restaurant and Lounge is an exquisite restaurant featuring authentic Asian cuisine. Featuring food from Executive Chef Kevin Long, this expensive hangout is definitely worth a weekend splurge! Can’t miss menu options include for starters:

  • Two- Way Crab and Lobster Rangoons

  • Spicy Salmon Rice Bites

  • Steamed Edamame

For the main course, one can go with the following combination of sushi and prepared entrees:

  • Traditional Chicken Pad Thai

  • Empire House Maki

  • Avocado Roll (for those who don’t like raw fish)

Saving the best for last, Empire’s desserts are definitely worth a try. The restaurant and lounge is known for their signature dessert, the “Shanghai Mud Pie” (a decadent combination of espresso cream, chocolate mousse, and fudge). However, I would personally recommend the Chocolate Macadamia Nut Tart, a delicious, nut-based treat topped with a refreshing raspberry sorbet.

For those over the age of 21, Empire is also known for their inventive, fun cocktails, especially the “Big Kahuna” a drink serving four or more that is presented in a hollowed out watermelon shell.

    No matter what your tastes, Empire Restaurant and Lounge certainly has something to please every guest. The food is definitely worth the steeper prices, and who doesn’t want to wind down from a tough week of classes with an excuse to get dressed up and go out? And, if a hip atmosphere and delectable food isn’t enough of a draw, Empire is guaranteed to be a great location for your next instagram!





Izzy is a Freshman at Boston College studying Political Science and History. She is a self-professed foodie and life-long Cleveland sports fan. She is a writer for Her Campus BC.
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