Quick and Healthy Meals for Finals

If you are reading this, you’re probably taking a break from studying for finals. Good for you; breaks are healthy. Finals week is stressful, but I don’t need to tell you that. It’s a time when most of us are stuck in the library or some study space flipping through the pages of our notes wondering why the heck we didn’t pay more attention in class. Finals are a time when minimal fun is had, at least for those of us who aren’t seniors. Finals are a time when we have to somehow fit in studying, taking exams, hanging out with our friends, and packing to go home.

We also have to eat during finals, an activity that some of us tend to forget to do, which I cannot understand for the life of me. When I’m hungry, I cannot deny my grumbling stomach. With all of the studying that must be done, food takes a backseat (well, for some of us). But eating is necessary to fuel our bodies and our minds. Walking into a test feeling famished is never fun. But it can be hard during finals to find time to make ourselves both healthy and filling meals. Who has time to make a well-rounded meal when studying is looming over our heads?

Her Campus BC is here to help. We’ve got some easy meals that are quick and convenient to make during finals time! So take a break from studying, head for your kitchen, and get to cooking!


Who needs Hillside when you’ve got your own kitchen? Crack and scramble two or three eggs in a bowl and pour them into a hot pan. Scramble them until they’re cooked through. Mix in ingredients like vegetables, beans, cheese, or a protein for added flavor and nutrition! Squirt a little Sriracha over your eggs and you’ve got a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner in less than 10 minutes.

Sweet Potato

Potatoes are one of my favorite foods. I love their soft texture and hearty flavor that can be enhanced by literally anything. But if you’re going to have a potato, you’re best off choosing a sweet potato. They’re full of beta-carotene, Vitamins A, B6, C, and D, healthy carbs, iron, magnesium, and potassium. The natural sugars found in sweet potatoes release slowly into the bloodstream, which ensures balanced and gradual energy release. That means no sugar high followed by a crash, which is ideal right before a final exam. Microwave the potato for 4-9 minutes, depending on its size. Don’t forget to wash it first and poke a few holes in it; without the holes, it could explode in the microwave. No one wants that. Cut it open and add black beans, ground turkey, vegetables, or other fixins’. I like to smear a little pesto on my sweet potatoes; the saltiness of the pesto pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the potato!

Lunchtime Roll Up

If you’re tired of sandwiches, here’s a new spin on the lunchtime classic. Lay a whole-wheat wrap on a plate and basically fill it to your stomach's content. Try this winning combo: spinach, turkey, feta, and hummus. You could also spread cheese on the wrap and put it in the microwave until the cheese melts. Add chicken, salsa, and guacamole for a quesadilla roll-up. A roll up sandwich is easy to carry and eat if you’re on the go, which is perfect for us students running from one professor's office hours to another’s.