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The Progression of Winter Break, According to “Parks and Rec”

In the midst of studying for exams and writing papers toward the end of the semester, a lot of us look forward to winter break. However, we typically forget how our enthusiasm for being home diminishes as break progresses. Despite getting to spend time with our family and friends from our hometown, we also have less independence and are forced to spend time away from people and things we love.  

Like a lot of collegiates, I’ve been counting down the days to head back to school. Although I didn’t miss eating at Lower or staying up late to study, I missed getting to see my friends every day and little things about BC, like walking down Linden Lane on my way to class in Gasson. In honor of the first week of spring semester classes and in reflection of the past few weeks, here’s the progression of winter break, according to the characters of Parks and Recreation.


1. This is how you feel during study days and finals week:


2. But you leave your last final feeling like:


3. You go home for winter break and can’t wait to see your family and your friends from high school, chow down on homecooked food, sleep in, and in general have an excuse to relax  


4. When you reunite with your pets, it’s like:


And being able to sleep in your own bed is like:


5. You’re overjoyed to see your house decorated for the holidays


And celebrating New Years with your friends from home is like:


6. But after the holiday season ends, reality kicks in and you remember how boring your hometown is


7. So you start compulsively online shopping as a means to entertain yourself


And you stalk all forms of social media like it’s your job


8. But stalking Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter only makes you miss your roommates and college friends more than you already do


9. And you’re annoyed by your parents’ incessant requests to help out around the house


10. And you swear you’re not antisocial, but you start to dislike people in general


Like, when you’re forced to interact with old acquaintances, it goes like this:


11. So even though you can’t bear the thought of doing schoolwork again,


You can’t wait to head back to school for spring semester!


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