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Playlist of the Week: 21st Birthday Edition

As we transition from child to adolescent to young adult, there are a few extra significant birthday milestones that we gather to celebrate– the bar/bat mitzvah, the Sweet Sixteen, and, of course, the 21st birthday.  However, unless your parents were really radical or you were a bizarre child, out of these three, the 21st is probably the only one that involves alcohol, loss of clothing, misplaced dignity, and the tendency to wake up with pockets full of napkins under the assumption that, last night, they had been coupons for free drinks.  While I have yet to cross this age barrier myself, I feel as though, through the experience of friends, I have paid witness to the positive feelings, debauchery, and relentless hangovers this long-anticipated night produces.  So why not burn your friend a playlist to celebrate the fact that they can now be held legally responsible for providing alcohol to minors?  This playlist has an emphasis on birthday (with a touch of things “21” related), and I am sure your friend will truly appreciate the gesture the next day– unlike that Green Monster you bought them at MA’s. 


“Birthday” – The Beatles
“Happy Birthday Girl” – Sondre Lerche
“In Da Club” – 50 Cent
“One and Only” – Adele (From the album “21”)
“The Happy Birthday Song” – Andrew Bird
“21st Century” – Red Hot Chili Peppers
“Unhappy Birthday” – The Smiths
“Birthday Sex” – Jeremih
“21 Questions” – 50 Cent
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