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To the Person Who Will Live in My Room Next Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Dear New Freshman,

Soon, it’s going to be the day you’ve been waiting (or dreading): moving into your new room. Maybe you were excitedly going on Res Life to see where you’d be living/who you’d be living with and you maybe might have been a little bit bummed for getting put on Newton. But here’s the good thing: you’re on THE Newton of Newton. This next year will be the craziest, most fun, most stressful, whirlwind that you will take by storm.  

I don’t know who you are, who you your roommate will be (or if y’all will be best friends), what clubs you will join, and the friends you will make but I can promise you this: all of these things work themselves out. When I went on to Res Life, I was super nervous, and my heart sank when I saw the big fat letters spelling out “NEWTON” on my computer screen. I didn’t know my roommate and was far from excited about moving in. When move in day happened, it was so hot inside and out; the rather rough experience of lugging all my stuff (don’t bring as much stuff as I did) up two flights of stairs was not a good start to by day. The small, jail cell looking room that I walked into almost a year ago, is going to be your new home. While it looks pretty dusty and has a weird musty smell, it will warm up to you as you get used to life in Keyes.

The roommate that I did not know at all became one of my best friends and the gross, musty smell left the room (for the most part). The jail cell look completely disappeared as we added pictures, art, and posters to our walls. The strangers who lived in my hall became my unofficial roommates because we hung out so much in my room.

Make your mark on the room because it’s where a lot of milestones happen. The floor of this room is going to be a place where you hang out, where your friends come to sit on when they need someone to confide in, where you spread out while studying, the floor that you fall onto when you’re laughing so hard until your sides hurt, the place where everyone comes back at after the end of a fun night to eat Dominoes.

Love our room and it will love you back


Newton Girl












Nursing student at BC who loves coffee, country music, the state of Maryland, and anything pink.
Blake is a senior at Boston College and is pursuing Biology and Pre-Med, as well as the perfect slice of pizza. She is so excited to be a co-Campus Correspondent along with Emily this year! As well as being a writer for Her Campus BC, she is also a member of the Girls Club Lacrosse team, the Public Health Club, and is a physics tutor on campus.