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Perks of Being Home for Spring Break

Spring break is approaching, and for many of us, the beaches of warm places such as Florida or Punta Cana are calling our names. For others, this is the time for international travel, such as trips to Italy or London. For me, however, Spring Break 2018 is calling me home, to my little Massachusetts town.


While a spring break at home may sound uneventful and, subsequently, unexciting, there are many perks to spending time in a relaxing environment….


   1.  You get to see your parents/siblings/pets.

After living 18 years at home, it’s a little weird not to see my parents every day. Plus, I am really looking forward to seeing my dog.


   2.  Free laundry! Free food!

There’s no denying that one of the major perks of being home is the freedom that comes with it. For some reason, there’s nothing quite like clean laundry when you need it, or home-cooked morning eggs (sorry, Mac kitchen). Going off of that…


   3.  No spring break diets.

If you’re travelling to some sunny location for your week off, there can be pressure to diet to get your #beachbod ready. However, your parents and your puppy don’t mind if you’ve gotten Late Night a few too many times this month!


   4.  You can visit your high school friends.

Luckily, spring break for most college students falls on the same week, regardless of the institution they attend. A perk of being home is that you can get the old gang back together — my friends’ tradition is brunch one day and Shake Shack one night.


   5.  You can catch up…

There’s no denying that college students need a lot of sleep, and don’t get it. While travelling is fun, going home and being able to sleep twelve-hour nights without feeling guilty is the best.


   6.  … And get ahead.

Once you’re all caught up on your sleep, you can catch up on or get ahead on your schoolwork for your return! Because, as we know, #MidtermSzn resumes as soon as we get back.



I’m super excited to have a relaxing break at home, so if you’re feeling FOMO at everyone’s spring break beach pics, remember this list to make the best of your week!






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