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Pep Talks That I Should Listen to Myself: Liking My Body


Like most girls, I went through adolescence absolutely hating the way I looked. After being called “glowsticks” in gym class (thank you pale, pale legs…) and having a mouth full of braces, it took years of mental recovery in high school to somehow see that I have some redeeming physical qualities.  And while some of my close friends went away to college to find miracle fitness routines that keep them looking like Beyonce (pre-Blue Ivy) the entire year, there are few things I hate more than sweating, and few things I love more than eating.  Herein lies the body image problem with which so many girls here at BC struggle.  As it is CARE week, I am here to offer some comical yet FOOLPROOF ways that I have discovered make me feel way better looking than any member of Destiny’s Child.  Because at the end of the day, we shouldn’t have to change who we are or stop doing (or eating) the things we love because we are uncomfortable with ourselves.  Somewhere down the line, it is going to be time to realize that we were made to look this way and to find the beauty in that.

But until I have that moment of clarity… here are the ways that will make you feel awesome and ready for everything, every day.


1.     Build-up a killer underwear collection

And never, ever call them panties because that word creeps me out.  But seriously, I’ve got awesome underwear, and no matter how grumpy I am, or how gross I feel, putting on a pair of my super hip undergarments makes me feel like I could be in some ridiculous hip-hop music video.  Plus, if you go to Victoria’s Secret, the ladies who work there are honestly the biggest esteem-boosters in the world and they tell you every five minutes just how fabulous you truly are, and we all need that.


2.     Actually doing my hair

This may sound so stupid, but on days when I feel like a blob monster from some crazy 1950s sci-fi flick, and I have decided to once again wear my pajamas to my 9 am, I take some time on my hair.  Whether that is tying it back, grabbing a headband, or curling it with the world’s most magical and life-saving curling wand, if my hair looks great, I feel great.  I even feel great if my curled hair is paired with a hoodie, my glasses, and my retainer I forgot to take out on my way to class, and I think that says it all.

3.     Doing my toes

Very few things in this world make me happier than knowing that under my giant woolen socks and boots are bright pink-painted toenails.  No one has to see them, but I know they are fun and I feel more fun and awesome because of it.


4.     Fun socks

If I have anything that beats my underwear collection, it is my unique array of socks.  Hey, if no one is going to see what socks I am wearing, then they are going to be peach and polka-dotted and striped and they probably won’t match each other.  Makes for a killer surprise at the end of the day when you forget how fun you were in the morning when you put them on.


5.     Wearing cozy things

For me, this just comes naturally.  While I love dressing up for special occasions, I hate being uncomfortable.  Why walk around in a skintight shirt when I know that I am only going to eat three dinners and maybe even late night in that shirt?  Why not grab a flowy sweater that is more flattering and will let me have that extra order of mozzarella sticks? Done.  If you feel comfortable, you will be more comfortable with yourself.


6.     Floss

This one could be just me, but after those years of being an enormous braceface, I am proud to say that I have come out with some pretty kickass teeth.  Flossing and using my Listerine and my most prized possession (my sonicare toothbrush), makes me feel awake, so much happier, and ready to smile at everyone at any hour of the day.  I honestly think that if I am going to roll out of bed, or wear running shorts to class when I am clearly not going to run, I should at least have the best smile I can.


And that’s because I think the most beauty is in our smiles and is in the way we share that beauty with those around us.

So paint your toenails, grab some new underwear and fun socks, and try brushing your teeth more than just twice a day.  For me, the little things make the largest difference in the way I feel about myself and in the way others perceive me.

Find the little ways that make you feel awesome, whether that is a pair of “badass” ripped jeans or just straightening your hair for class, and do them.  Don’t do them for anyone but yourself, because you have to like you first, but figure out what works and start everyday feeling beautiful.

Care for yourself and care for each other, and have a happy end to CARE week!


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