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People You Meet Freshman Year That Don’t Actually Exist, Fortunately

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

The start of freshman year often means creating a new image for yourself. You are entering a student body where your past is unknown to them and you can come off as whoever you want to be. Unfortunately, many people try to fit a certain image instead of just being themselves. Here are some of those cookie-cutter images that people try to form to, but as the year continues you learn these people do not really exist and the only person you are is your true self. Hopefully these stereotypes many believe exist here at BC will be debunked and we all will realize that the only person we are is ourselves. Maybe a mix of some of these, maybe none of these; it doesn’t matter cause these stereotypes are scary if they held up to their perceived image.

The Plexaholic: You see them running up Comm Ave (Up? Seriously? Are you kidding me with this?), sporting their Lululemon ‘pants’ to class, and wearing Eau de Sweaty at all times. Their extra-curriculars include calorie counting and volunteering by running for a good cause.

Catchphrase: “Gotta work to earn that salad dressing!”

What’s wrong with that? Many people are concerned about their health, and sometimes this includes calorie counting or running. However, a few people have serious eating disorders, or exercise obsessively, and making jokes about these health concerns can cause problems or perpetuate body-image problems. If you are concerned about yourself or a friend, check out these links.

A great piece about anorexia (trigger warning):  http://jezebel.com/for-my-mother-who-runs-144658753 

Boston College Resources: http://www.bc.edu/content/bc/offices/wrc/campusresources/ed.html


The Athlete: If there’s an athlete or two in your class, you’ll know. Why? General issue backpacks and sweats decorated with the same Washi Tape-esque pattern.

Catchphrase: “[go team?]”

What’s wrong with that? Athletes are people, too. Sure, student-athletes spend a good chuck of their time working on their craft, but they can (and do) have lives outside of the arena.


The Activist: You’ve met them a couple times, but mostly because they wave you over to their table of solicitation. Also, they invited you to that Facebook event that you ignored. Sure, they seem sweet, but don’t let it fool you: 99% of applicants to their organization don’t get in. That’s more selective than Harvard.

Catchphrase: “Would you be interested in signing up for our listserv?”

What’s wrong with that? Hey, they’re trying to get your attention for a good cause.  You don’t have to donate or join their listserv, but wouldn’t you like acknowledgment when you’re behind the table?

The Insomniac/Stressor: You see them in class, coffee glued to their palm. Sure, they look like a sleep-deprived Daniel Radcliffe, but they help remind you of how much stuff you have due tomorrow.

Catchphrase: “Ugh… guys, I have twenty-nine papers and four midterms and a group project and two articles and fifteen appointments for this week!”

What’s wrong with that? Sleep deprivation sucks and is dangerous to our health. These students may stress now, but their insomniac lifestyle will only last so long until they learn to find a balance. Find out more here.


The Overachiever: It was a 2-page assignment. They turned in 45 pages… single spaced.  They took notes on the lecture, optional video, and the reading. You’re a little concerned that you aren’t working hard enough. Don’t fret! They’re generally happy to have conversations that revolve around the many facets of that weird bit of trivia you think you might need to know for the final.

Catchphrase: “Do you think she’ll include this on our exam?”

What’s wrong with that? If you’ve done the best you can for an assignment, is there any need to worry about the length of your peer’s essay? College is about making the most of it for you, regardless of your peers.


The Superfan: You saw them sloshed at a 10:00 a.m. tailgate, and you couldn’t decide if you were embarrassed or jealous. They wore either a painfully yellow Superfan shirt or some generic, yet unsuspicious BC garb. They are “all about that Gold Pass life” and are unafraid of losing their voice.

Catchphrase: “[insert cheer here]”

What’s wrong with that? There’s nothing weird about identifying as a Superfan so long as you acknowledge it’s not the purpose of your existence (too dramatic?). If the group thing is a little much for you, it’s cool to sit somewhere else either in the stadium or in your room, watching Netflix. Sports are not for everyone, but since we have a great fan culture here, it is fun to get involved at some game or in some sport.


The One Who Will Definitely Trip if He or She Continues to Walk That Way: You see them, but they don’t see them. That is, they are entirely consumed by their phone as they walk from class to class. On the one hand, you get it. E-mails and texts are dandy to check, but how many people try to contact you in the span of 50 minutes? Sure, it’s frustrating to walk behind these students moving at a manatee’s speed, but at least you get to see them try to go up the stairs while focusing on their phone.

Catchphrase (said as they walk into you): “Oh! Sorry!”

What’s wrong with that? If your phone has NEVER distracted you, you are either incredibly disciplined or lying. Plus, walking into other wayward texters is amusing. Note to all these multi-walkers, for your safety and others, please put down your phone until you get to your destination.


The Ridiculously Hard Major: You don’t see them.

Catchphrase: “It’s a Bapst type of night.”

What’s wrong with that? As a freshman, I don’t have the experience to make this judgment call. There are usually stressed people on campus, so I’m just going to guess that this is sort of legitimate.


The Ridiculously Easy Major: You’ve seen them in Bapst. Once. Mostly though, they chill in a specific dining hall when they aren’t watching a wide variety of Netflix movies.

Catchphrase (said on Sunday night): “Late Night?”

What’s wrong with that? Again, I don’t really know yet. But I must say, your parents will probably not be too happy that they are paying an arm and a leg for education and you are not taking full advantage of it. Picking up a minor in your interest really won’t hurt.




Meghan Gibbons is a double major in Communications and Political Science in her senior year at Boston College. Although originally from New Jersey, she is a huge fan of all Boston sports! Along with her at Boston College is her identical twin, who she always enjoys playing twin pranks with. Meghan is a huge foodie, book worm and beach bum