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An Open Letter to People Who Ask About My Future

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

To Those Who Ask Me About My Future:

As a sophomore, the next two years are supposed to create and to sculpt my personality, to enhance my career preparation and to construct the foundation for the rest of my life. Because once graduation day comes around, there is the expectation that everything should have fallen into place and for me, as well as my peers, to enter the world as a “real person” with everything figured out.

How are we supposed to know everything within the next decade nonetheless two years from now? I am constantly reminded of my lingering future as the conversation regarding summer internships and jobs have come up. The question that haunts me even more so than what I am doing this summer is, “What are you going to do after you leave Boston College?”  What am I going to do? This is more than just a question about what I want my career to be, but rather who will I be after college. Am I supposed to have not just my five or ten-year plan but my fifty-year plan as well? And what do these plans even mean. Who knows who I will meet, or where I visit, or what I experience. These unforeseen opportunities are what my future will be full of, not the plan.

As for right now, my major, minor, concentration, or program don’t define what my future will look like. Just because I have declared finance as my major doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind down the road, thus, never knowing what my actual future will look like. What I have declared only mirrors where I think my future is headed and what skills I want to quire to find success in the career of my choosing. These titles do not dictate who I will be or what I will be doing.

The only things I know for certain about my future is that I will be happy. I hope for my future to be filled with my incredible family and wonderful friends I have now, many smiles and laughs, and memories of events I don’t even know will occur yet. I hope my future self remembers to be enthusiastic about every day, find lessons, but also humor in my failures, and to never lose my desire to continue to keep reading, learning and thinking.

At the end of the day, none of us know what our future will look like in a couple years, a couple of months and even a couple of days. The future is not something we should stress about, but rather be excited for.

Best wishes to everyone’s future,



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