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New Plex Classes

Looking to add some variety to your workouts this fall?  Well with the return of many of last year’s offerings, two brand new Plex classes, express versions of existing classes, and 13 new instructors, there’s tons of ways to change up your routine.  Here are a few unique offerings to try this semester.

Circuit Bootcamp
When: Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00 am
Instructor: Kristen Allen

Description: Though it’s been offered since 2009, this class’s early time might have kept it under your radar.  The full-body circuit workout definitely will wake you up, though, with a mix of cardio and strength training circuits.   Exercises like suicides, mountain climbers, and planks are included in the class that instructor Kristen says, “will be tough, but it will only be as hard as you want to work.”  The class’s participants are definitely more of a mix than you’ll find in the afternoon classes – the group is usually small, and Kristen says that, “classes usually have someone who might be 18 or as old as 60, which is inspiring.”  If you’re a music junkie, you may want to stay away – there’s no music accompanying this class – but for everyone else, Circuit Bootcamp offers a great workout to leave you feeling accomplished before most of your roommates are even out of bed.

Buns, Guns, & Abs
When: Wednesdays 7:15-8:15 am, Fridays 3:30-4:30 pm
Instructor: Nikki Elliott
Description: New to the Plex this year, this class is true to its title, focusing on abs, arms, and the lower body, as instructor Nikki cycles through “supersets” that each focus on one of those three muscles.  Other than the warm-up, Nikki says that, “the class is strictly strength and does not include any cardio”, which is an important change from many of the aerobics classes offered.  “I hope the fact that the class does not include any cardio doesn’t discourage people from coming but strength training twice a week is SO great for your body,” Nikki says.  She plans to alter the workouts each week and use suggestions to keep the class exciting while also strengthening those hard-to-target trouble spots.

Kripalu Yoga

When: Fridays 10:00-11:00 am
Instructor: Catherine Putko
Description: As opposed to some yoga classes that are meant to stretch and strengthen, this new yoga class focuses on the union of body, breath, and mind.  Instructor Cat says that it “goes beyond the notion that yoga is just a series of stretches and physical postures, the class incorporates coordinating breath with movement.”  The word “kripalu” means “compassion” in Sanskrit, and the practice is meant to be unique and adapted to each person’s experience level and preference.  While flow and accompanying music will vary each week, Cat says that, “students can always expect a fun and lighthearted atmosphere”.

BC-X Express
When: Wednesdays 12:00-12:45 pm
Instructor: Gio Trilleras
Description: If you have a tight schedule but still want a hardcore workout, this is the class for you.  Gio says that the express version of the popular class “gives the students a better idea of the class without being surrounded by 55 other people as well.”  The class structure is the same as a full-length BC-X class, aiming to get your heart-rate up through high-intensity interval training, but there are now shorter time intervals to fit it into even your busiest days.

Total Body Spin

When: Thursdays 5:00-6:00 pm
Instructor: Julie Wojno
Description: While most spin classes have the same basic formula of jumps, hills, and sprints, this class, modeled off of Soul Cycle, the popular New York City spin studio, uses the bike for a full-body workout. In each class you use free weights while riding for two songs, in addition to the characteristics of a typical spin session.  Then, after about 40 minutes on the bike, the class heads to the yoga studio for 15 minutes of a core conditioning workout.  Perhaps even more uniquely, “the warm-ups and cool-downs in class always involve a simple meditation that centers around the ideas of why we work out. I ask the students to think about what motivated them to get on the bike that day, and to always work toward achieving some sort of goal,” says Julie, the class’s instructor.  Total Body Spin will always give you a well-rounded workout and the motivation to push yourself to meet your potential.

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