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New England Colleges You Must Visit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Many days we find ourselves stuck on campus reliving the same routines over and over. There is the day routine: wake up, walk to campus, get a coffee from Hillside or the Chocolate Bar, sit through class, go to O’Neill, come home, maybe Plex, and repeat. And there is the weekend routine: wake up most likely hung over, lay around all Saturday in bed, binge watch Netflix, have your roommates get you to rally, get out of bed (finally), put on make up and the almost-perfect “going out outfit,” and commence the pre-game. 

When we repeat this same routine week after week life at BC can seem to get a little redundant. Thus, I think it’s best to switch up your routine whenever you can. One way to do this is to visit other colleges and experience their “weekend norms.” If you do not have friends who go to other schools in New England, consider asking your roommates or BC friends if they do. Most likely you know someone at BC who has friends at one of these schools, and hopefully can tag along when they go to visit.

In my opinion, these are some of the best New England colleges to visit to get a taste of something a little less “BC.”

1)University of New Hampshire

UNH is a blast. Hands down, this school knows how to party. Located just an hour and a half north of us, but more like an hour and ten minutes if you take the train from North Station, UNH’s campus is perfectly placed in the college town of Durham. Unlike Chestnut Hill, Durham is really a town that revolves around it’s college students. From frats to house parties, students at UNH love to socialize. Huge holidays up there are Homecoming, Halloween, and Cinco de Mayo; basically think our Marathon Monday, but three times a year. 

2)University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Have you ever been to Amherst? It is absolutely beautiful in the fall. In case you didn’t know, Amherst, Mass. is located west of us, about two hours down the Mass Pike. UMass is the flagship school of Massachusetts and draws about 25,000 students from across the country. During the day, you can find students walking around Amherst center or catching the scenery of the mountains with a drive through North Hampton. On the weekends, most students hop in cabs and get a ride to the closest house party off-campus where you’re bound to find a rocking dance party. 

3)Providence College

Sometimes we BC students can get a little tired of Boston bars, that is, if we are not 21. Boston is known for having very strict bars, so to escape the scrutiny of these Boston bouncers, head down to Providence.  The bar life at PC is just plain awesome. PC’s campus is located just outside of the city, , which means cabs are a must, but definitely worth it once you get into the city center. You’re bound to meet other college students, most likely from Brown or Bryant! 

4)Boston University

It might be hard for some of us to admit, but BU has a great nightlife. Located just a quick ride down the B-line, which most of us know all too well, you can find BU’s truly urban campus. On most weekend nights, students will either be going out to bars or walking through Allston between house parties. These parties range from fraternity hosted events to different clubs’ house parties to more small-scale get-togethers at a friend’s apartment. During the days, BU students utilize the city in every way they can. Some will head to the common to study and others will check out the farmer’s markets located throughout Boston. 

5)University of Connecticut

In case you missed it, UConn’s women and men’s basketball teams absolutely dominated March Madness. Home to the Men and Women’s National Champions, this school knows how to celebrate a good win. Save up a few dollars, buy a ticket to one of the upcoming basketball games this fall, and head on down to Connecticut. You’ll be sure to watch a great game and head out with the student body after to celebrate at the fraternities!

Don’t get caught up in the BC Bubble this fall. Catch a ride with friends, take a train, or even just take a quick Uber down the B-line to experience the unique qualities that every New England college has to offer!



A special thanks to my friends from these great schools who gave me some student perspective: Lynsy Calvario (UNH ’16), Erin Collins (UMASS ’16), and Charlotte Miller (BU ’16). 







Shannon is currently in her junior year at BC.  She is majoring in Elementary Education and English, hoping to one day teach in an urban school.  Originally from Hopkinton, MA, one of Shannon's favorite things to do is tell people that her hometown is the start of the Boston Marathon - it's claim to fame!  In her free time, you can find Shannon cuddled up somewhere with her adorable giraffe-spotted mug.
Niloufar is a senior at Boston College, majoring in French and English.