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MythBusters BC: Don’t Room with a Friend from Home

We’ve heard it all before, “Don’t room with a friend from home freshman year of college,” “You won’t branch out,” “You’ll end up hating each other.”  Where did this myth come from and is it true?  Here are two girls that have completely blown this myth right out of the water.  Not only have they been friends for over 15 years, but they have roomed together every year here at BC and… they are still best friends!  Get to know these lovable seniors, Maggie and Caroline, before they enter the real world.  They are truly the epitome of the saying “two peas in a pod.”

When did you girls meet?

Caroline:  We met in preschool and have gone to school together every year since then with the exception of 5th and 6th grade.

Were you excited when you found out you were both going to BC?  Did you plan to live together from the start?

Maggie:  We were always very close growing up, but became closer than ever when we came to Boston College.  We were both really excited when we found out we were going to BC.  We hadn’t planned on living together right away, but shortly after our acceptances, we thought it would be a great idea.  Many people say you should room with someone brand new, but deciding to room together has never prevented us from making new friends.  It has been nice to have someone there who knows you so well, knows your family, and knows where you’re from – someone who you can be comfortable with from the very beginning.


What do you think makes a friendship last?

Maggie:  For any friendship, honesty is important.  We definitely think this is true, but for our friendship specifically, we think it is the way we constantly entertain each other without trying.  We’ve been told by many friends that they’ve never seen two people who enjoy each other’s company more than we do.  No one makes each other laugh harder than we do. 

Have you guys every gotten into a fight?  How did you resolve it?

Caroline:  When in doubt, HUG IT OUT.  Any time Maggie is mad at me, I go in for the kill.  She is definitely annoyed, but I hug her until she laughs and it is all fine.  We can never stay mad at each other for long and we usually end up laughing at ourselves for whatever made us mad to begin with.


What are your favorite things to do together?

Caroline:  We like to take selfies, discuss hypotheticals, take road trips, and bother our third wheel, Mackenzie.  We love to travel, spend time on the beach, go to MAs with our friends, and we love being around our families.  We can be convinced to do just about anything as long as we are able to do it together. 


What are your plans after graduation?

Maggie:  Our plans are to return to New York and hopefully find an apartment in NYC where we will live together.  Caroline hopes to go into business and I am looking to become a kindergarten teacher.  Thankfully, we won’t be separated and won’t have to deal with that.


Take a queue from these two and learn how to laugh.  Love your friends even with their flaws.  It seems to be the key to a loving and lasting friendship.  A special thanks to Maggie Kelly ‘13 and Caroline Gray ‘13 who shared their story with us.  Best of luck in the real world!


Katherine ValentinoSenior in A&S English Major Minor in American Studies, concentration in journalism 
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