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To My College Friends Before Summer Begins

I can’t believe that the crazy, fun filled year is now coming to an end. Just 8 months ago, we were all complete strangers to each other; and now, I can gladly say that you all are some of my best friends. From going out together on weekends, to lazy Saturday morning (more like afternoon) breakfasts, and doing homework together in the study lounge until ungodly hours of the night (while eating a LOT of chocolate). During the first week, I was too self conscious to say I wanted to lay around and snack while watching Netflix instead of going out but now, we all fearlessly embrace the “old people life” and do that very often.

Thank you for being there to welcome me home after a long day. Thank you for being there to walk to Late Night with me and not judging me for stress eating. Thank you for being my people to confide in, my shoulders to cry on, and for always opening up your closets to me. I’ll miss nothing more than being able to just chat with you all everyday.


As we approach summer, we have countless stories of late nights studying and going out, inside jokes, and embarrassing stories that could make us all laugh any day. I’m so thankful to have met you all and I cannot wait to see y’all again in the fall.

Thank you for an amazing year and it wouldn’t have been possible without you

Love always,







Nursing student at BC who loves coffee, country music, the state of Maryland, and anything pink.
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