The Most Important Relationship – Friendship

Everywhere you look there are couples, or at least the talk of couples. It seems in this day and age you cannot get through the day without someone bringing up the guy, or girl, in their life – whether it’s their crush, someone they are having a “thing” with, or their significant other. But while relationships are important, friendships need to be at the forefront.

Hear me out. I know that, in the moment, it might make sense to spend the majority of your free time with your significant other. Your significant other is someone you deemed worthy as being labeled as more than a friend, so of course you want to make them a priority over the other people in your life. What I’m here to remind you, though, is that in ten years from now it is way more likely you still will be friends with your best friend from college than it will be that you are still dating the same guy.

Now that you’re over the shock that you might not be marrying that guy you’ve been having a thing with for the last three weeks, I want to clarify: in no way am I saying that relationships are not important, because they are. Relationships can add a lot of positive things to your life.

At the same time though, people often take friendships for granted. Friends are the ones who are there for you no matter what. Friends always want what is best for you. Friends know all your flaws, but love you anyways.

Who else wants to re-watch Gossip girl for the millionth time with you, will tell you that you aren’t fat and deal with all those other girl freak out topics, and watch you eat an entire pizza on your own and not judge you. Not to mention be there for you during all the stages of the aforementioned relationship (including but not limited to: your constant discussion of why your crush is perfect, to your never ending analyzing of every conversation you have, to helping you pick up the pieces when the relationship ends). Your best friend is there for you and this is why your best friend is your person.

So I challenge you to make sure your friends know how much you value them. To quote the Spice Girls, “Make it last forever, friendship never ends.”


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