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Mike Judd: The Yellow Man

The Yellow Man.  He’s a kind of superhero on campus, or, if you will, a Superfan.  He’s a flash of yellow, a flurry of arms and legs, wiggling at a pace that seems impossible for most people.  He’s hard to miss, as he is a constant fixture at BC football, basketball, and hockey games.  It is this attention that Mike Judd, a sophomore English major in the LSOE, loves the most about being the Yellow Man.

Judd – a Holliston, MA, native – is the ultimate Superfan.  His BC pride is evident in his role as The Yellow Man, but that’s not his only infamous BC title.  Judd has represented BC for the past year as the reigning Mr. BC, after winning the competition with an acoustic version of “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time.”
“My favorite experience [of Mr. BC] was the show itself.  I love messing around on stage and just saying dumb stuff that makes people laugh.”
He entered Mr. BC on a whim before eventually winning the competition.  As the MC for Mr. BC this year, Judd said he enjoyed this role “way better than being in it.”
“RHA let me do whatever I want, so I really had a great time just standing up there and talking to the crowd and contestants.  I’m a little surprised that they trusted me to do it.  I definitely wouldn’t have.”

Aside from his Mr. BC involvement, Mike Judd is probably best known for his game time entertainment in the yellow suit.  He has been the Yellow Man since second semester of his freshman year and many BC fans now consider him to be a secondary mascot.  Judd, however, doesn’t think of himself this way.
“Baldwin is the mascot… I’m just some weird dude who wears spandex suits to sporting events.  I’m not trying to step on Baldwin’s toes — talons — with it.  If people want to look at me as a representative of the school, that’s cool, but Baldwin is the mascot, period.”
Judd started dressing in the yellow suit for basketball games before bringing his electric energy to BC hockey games.  He touts the 2010 Beanpot as his best experience in the suit.  “I got to be on the jumbotron and all that fun stuff and it was the first time I really went all out with the yellow suit thing.”  This fall, Judd made his debut as the yellow man at football games.

“My friend Chris and I decided we could help out our team’s cause by dressing up in these ridiculous suits.  He got a maroon suit and I got the yellow one and we started going to the games.  The decision was influenced a lot by ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia;’ that was the first place we saw a suit like this.  Eventually, Chris became a manager for the basketball team so he stopped, leaving me as the only one who was making a fool of himself on a regular basis.  It’s cool though, I enjoy it.”
Judd bought his now infamous yellow suit on superfansuits.com for $60.  To complete the outfit, Judd has to wear appropriate undergarments.  “[Underneath] I wear Under Armor and a cup/compression shorts (sorry ladies).  Sometimes I don’t do the Under Armor, but the cup stays… I like to keep some mystery, ya know?”
The suit, however, is only part of Judd’s infamy as the “Yellow Man,” which he considers to be a “commitment.”  The other piece of his performance is the dancing.  Judd’s dancing is indescribable.  No words can really articulate the speed and energy of his moves.
“I have prepared a grand total of zero hours for my dance moves over the past year or so.  Once I really get dancing, I usually can’t breathe too well and I sweat profusely.  You’d be surprised how tiring it is.  I really just go out there and move my arms and legs as much as possible in order to look like I know what I’m doing.  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of Bernie-ing as well as a lot of the cooking dance.”
So what’s next for the Yellow Man?
I think I’m going to start robbing banks just so there can be an interesting police report.  Either that or I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing.  I’ve thought about trying to find a replacement, but I’ll probably just end up continuing my tomfoolery.”

Chloe Green-Vamos joined the Her Campus team as a Branch Manager in September 2011. In this role she oversees 5 new My Campus branches and works with very talented writers and leaders in colleges across the U.S. Chloe first became involved with Her Campus in January of 2011 as a contributing writer for Her Campus BC. Chloe is a junior at Boston College in the A&S Honors Program majoring in French and Communication. Chloe spends her spare time doing yoga, cooking(what do you expect from a Southern girl),shopping and daydreaming about travel.
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