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Meet the Yellow Men! Need We Say More??

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.


Q: What are your names?

A: “Tornado” and “The Experience”


Q: What’s the best part of being The Yellow Men?

A: The best part of being The Yellow Men is interacting with BC fans.  All the kids want to come up and give us high fives, and all the middle-aged people give us strange looks.  Some of our best times happen walking through Mac or Lower when we’re suited up, and we get to see people react.  We usually go and just sit next to strangers and maybe dance a little or play with their hair to get some sort of a reaction.  You get arrested for doing that if you’re not suited up.

Q: What’s the worst part of being The Yellow Men?

A: It’s definitely the heat and dryness.  Especially for the early football games… it gets pretty toasty in there.  Plus it’s pretty uncomfortable on your face at times.


Q: Do you wear your outfits to the games, or change when you get there?

A: We have a pregame ritual.  One of us yells, “Suit up!” and we both run into our room where we blast “I’m on a Boat” and start the dancing.  We leave from there and maybe run through Lower a little before heading off to the game.


Q: Do you go to all the games?  Have you ever gone to a game NOT as The Yellow Men? 

A: We go to the football and hockey games as Yellow Men.  We have been to a few hockey games as normal people, but those are usually Sunday games when it’s more of a relaxed atmosphere.  On the Sabbath, we rest.

Q: How secret is your identity?

A: Some of the fans know who we are because we take our hoods off during the intermission, but the players have no idea.  One player in specific, Pat Brown, has been asking around trying to figure it out.  He was in our Latin class, where affectionately earned the nickname “Mischievous Pat”—a name that the hockey team now calls him sometimes after hearing us scream it at every game.  To protect our identity, we use the names “Tornado” [shorter one] and “The Experience” [taller one.]


Q: Why do you choose to fill that role? When did you first hear your calling to be The Yellow Men?

A: Early freshman year, I suggested the idea.  Immediately we went on Amazon, but decided the suits were too pricey.  A few weeks later, though, Tornado checked again and we saw the price had gone down $20!  We knew that it was a sign and had to strike.

Q: How do you always snag those front row seats?

A: We have friends in high places who get to every game when the gate opens and save them for us.

Caitlin is currently a student at Boston College studying English and Pre-Law.  At BC, she is a member of the Boston College Irish Dance Club, on the Honors Program Student Executive Board's Community Service Committee, and interns and writes for the fashion and culture blog Rusted Revolution.  She has been wriring for Her Campus BC since Jaunary 2011 and is serving as BC's Campus Correspondent for the 2012-2013 school year.  Outside of school, she is a competitive Irish dancer, and has been dancing for 18 years. During her high school career, she completed an engineering project at Case Western Reserve University that made her one of 40 Intel Science Talent Search Finalists in 2009.   In addition to all of this, Caitlin loves reading, yoga, running, shopping, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.