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Meet This Week’s Campus Celebrity: Love Your Melon

Basics: Love Your Melon at Boston College (not a Campus Crew yet, but will be one soon)!
Co-Captains: Alexa Liccardi and Christina Dunn (who’s repping Love Your Melon abroad in Ireland this semester). 
Year: Started at BC in the spring of 2015 but the organization has been helping children battle cancer since 2002. 
Number of members: You can have a minimum of 4 Campus Ambassadors and a maximum of 20 Campus Ambassadors. We are at full capacity right now, but Alexa will be happy to add anyone interested in being a Campus Ambassador to the wait-list. 
Role on Campus: Encouraging BC students and faculty members to support Love Your Melon by purchasing gear, following our social media content, talking to friends about the organization, and sporting the promotional items we have been giving away. If you don’t have one of our wristbands or stickers yet, you NEED one. They are so cute. 
Tell us about what you do: Love Your Melon was started by two college students in an entrepreneurship class with the straightforward objective of putting a hat on the head of every single child in America that is battling cancer. For every hat purchased, two are made. One is delivered to the person who bought it and the other one is donated to a child fighting cancer. Today, students at 225 different schools across the nation have signed on as ambassadors to help sell Love Your Melon merchandise, and they have actually already accomplished the goal of getting a hat to every single child in America that has cancer. Since accomplishing their first goal, they have switched their objective to raising money for two organizations: Cure Search and Pinky-Swear Foundation
Do you hold any events on Campus? The campus ambassador program is based on a credit system. Once the BC chapter gets 150 credits, we will be provided with merchandise to sell right on campus! We are also planning on teaming up with different sports teams and organizations, like Sexual Chocolate, to provide them with gear. 
What motivated you to start a Love Your Melon chapter at BC? I just thought it was an awesome cause and was surprised to see it wasn’t at BC yet. I think that pediatric cancer still gets a lot less attention than other types of cancer and was moved by the fact that I could do something to help soothe the suffering of these children. 
What kind of merchandise is available for purchase? T-shirts: long sleeve, short sleeve, tanks; stickers; several kinds of hats; beanies; and headbands.  
If there is anything else about Love Your Melon that you feel BC students should know? Like previously mentioned, we work on a credit system. The more purchases that are attributed to the BC team, the more points the team gets. At each level reached, there is a different activity that the team is allowed to plan. We just reached 100 points so now we get to reach out to a family in the nearby area whose child is suffering with cancer and pay the family a visit. At the visit, we will have Love Your Melon merchandise to distribute to them and tons of crafts to make and games to play with the child.
Best advice for those who want to get involved: Reach out to Alexa via email. In addition to that, buying the products and wearing them around campus is the best way to promote the cause. You don’t have to be one of the 20 members to make an impact. Spreading the word about the organization can be just as helpful. 
Check out their Social Media: Instagram: @bostoncollege_lymcrewTwitter: @BCLYMCrew, and Facebook: BC Love Your Melon 
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Catherine is a sophomore at Boston College majoring in Political Science and minoring in International Studies. She is thrilled to be part of the Her Campus BC publicity team once again this semester. Her hobbies include bingeing on Netflix, ordering coffees with ridicuously long names (skim, sugar-free, iced-caramel latte, anyone?), and spending hours on hercampus.com. 
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