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Meet Tommy Cross, Assistant Captain of the Hockey Team!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

For those that don’t know, Tommy is an assistant captain on our varsity hockey team.  So congratulations to him and the rest of the boys for their back-to-back victories against BU!

The Basics:
Year: Junior
Major: Communications and Econ Minor
Where are you from?  Born and raised in Simsbury, Connecticut

How’d you get started playing hockey? 
“I’ve played all my life, and I actually started playing on an outdoor rink in my backyard.”
Does it run in the family? 
“Oh yeah.  My Dad played hockey at Dartmouth, all my uncles on my mom’s side play hockey, my grandpa played.  My mom is the best athlete in our family though; she was an all-American softball pitcher.”
How’s the BU rivalry? 
“We’re actually friends with a  bunch of the guys, it’s just understood that we don’t really talk the week of the game.”

Boston and BC:
Favorite thing at BC (besides hockey…):  My bay window suite in 90
Favorite thing about Boston:  New England Classic
Favorite place on campus:  90 room 205 (he really does love his room…)
Favorite place in Boston:  The North End
Favorite place to eat on campus:  Lower (but he thought long and hard about Mac)
Hardest class taken at BC:  Finite and Exploring Catholicism

Random Favorites:
Bottled water:  Dasani
Beer:  Bottled Molston Canadian
Color:  Blue
Season:  Spring
Actress:  Jennifer Aniston
Way to spend a Saturday afternoon (a non-game day, obviously): 
A BC football game, playing a round of golf, or going to the beach (depending on the season)
Pizza in Boston:  Pino’s
Ice cream at White Mountain:  Moose Tracks
Cereal:  Wheaties
Sports team:  Bruins
Band:  Bruce Springsteen
TV Show:  Sports Center/Friday Night Lights/Lost
Movie:  Elf

Julianne is an Ohio native studying communication at Boston College with a concentration in journalism. She got involved with Her Campus BC when the chapter launched in December 2010. She began as an editor and contributing writer, and since has moved up the ranks to Campus Correspondent. Aside from working for Her Campus, Julianne is a certified personal trainer at Boston College's Flynn Recreational Complex and teaches group fitness as well. During her sophomore year, Julianne was a part of the Arrupe Program at BC and traveled to Guatemala, learning about the culture, political, social, economic, and religious issues of the country. Her goals post graduation include writing for a health and fitness magazine or working in communications for college or professional athletics. As for now, however, she is enjoying life at the University she loves so much! An avid hockey and football fan, one can always find Julianne in the stands rooting on BC and the Boston Bruins! Other hobbies include running, yoga, cooking, baking, and photography.
Kathryn Fox is a senior at Boston College, majoring in International Studies. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, she loves Boston but struggles with the cold weather! Kathryn is involved in teaching ESL classes, interning in BC's museum, and volunteering. She loves to travel and spent her junior year studying abroad in Morocco and South Africa. In her free time, Kathryn enjoys reading Jane Austen novels, baking, and watching trashy TV with her roommates. After graduation, she is returning to Oklahoma to work for Teach for America.